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How To Disappear Without A Trace: Survival Guide On How To Avoid The Pursuer And Go Off The Grid : (Survival Guide, Survival Skills) (Off Grid Living, Survival Book)

by Aron Hamilton

How To Disappear Without A Trace:

Survival Guide On How To Avoid The Pursuer And Go Off The Grid

If you have ever wanted to just pick up and get away from it all; to disappear, then you should read this book! Here within these pages are proven methods and means to curtail your digital and physical footprint! Learn how to first realize the information that you have in circulation, and then find effective ways to either get rid of, minimize, or dilute these finer tales of your life so that you can disappear!
In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Minimize your Passive Footprint
  • Minimize your Active Footprint
  • Keep your Correspondence Anonymous
  • And much, much more!

Soccer Drills: A 100 Soccer Drills to Improve Your Skills, Strategies and Secrets

by Chest Dugger

Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level? Or just looking for ways to improve your team?

This book can help solve your problems.

Whether known as football or, as in the US, soccer; the â??beautiful game’ is the most popular sport in the world. The best players earn millions of dollars per year, and the greatest clubs are icons in their regions. Children love putting down a couple of jerseys and having a kick around. It is, globally, the team sport that has the greatest public participation and, at the highest level such as the World Cup, top leagues and cup finals, matches are watched live by tens of thousands of cheering fans. Support is only limited by stadium size, with tens or even hundreds of millions following their team on TV.

It is therefore no surprise that so many people love to play the game, and want to become better at it. Youngsters dream of becoming the next Pele, Messi, Maradona or Ronaldo. This book offers coaches and players an insight into how to become a better soccer player. There are chapters on the role of the individual in this team game, and the role of the team in a sport lit up by the brilliance of individuals.
There are drills listed to help the player and his side. Indeed, it is drills that lead to players becoming experts, as good as they can be. Drills take the individual components of soccer and allow practice in a pressure free, or pressure controlled, environment.

Imagine that a game of soccer is like an English Literature examination. For that test, you get taught the information you need to know; you practice using that learning in tests, discussions and essays. You work on it on your own, making sure that your mind is fit enough to tackle the challenge of the final exam.

What you very much do not want is to be learning new concepts under the pressure of the examination hall. That is the place to show what you can do, not try out risky ideas.

In many ways, sport is the same. For soccer, the examination is the match; learning the skills is like gaining your understanding of Shakespeare; applying those skills is automatic in the chaos of the game. Those exercises you worked on in training ensure that you are fit enough to survive the game at your best.

And just like a piece of great literature, so a great soccer performance is made up of separate elements, which combine to produce the art form that is the â??beautiful game.’ Just as you could examine character, plot, language and metaphor when studying â??Macbeth’, a great performance in soccer is made up of control, passing, shooting, defending and teamwork.

Those elements can be broken down, practiced and perfected during drills. The drill allows for experimentation; failure and error does not matter. Indeed, we learn through our mistakes. There is less pressure during a drill, so time can be spent getting the individual skills and movements right. A good coach can help a player focus on areas of weakness. Pressure can be introduced slowly, and in a controlled way, ratcheted up to recreate conditions more like those in the match situation.

During practice sessions, often younger (and probably older!) players long for the â??game.’ â??Can we play a match now?’ is the sort of request coaches of younger players will recognize readily. And that is fine, a little match – perhaps one that reinforces the skills on which the session focuses on, makes a fun and useful end to a coaching session. But drills are crucial in helping players to become the best they can be.

These skill sessions can be focused on the individual, working on technique perhaps in groups of two to four; they can also be larger group drills, or whole team activities which help mutual understanding and coordination.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn from This Book:

  • Soccer for the Individ

    Gym Bible: The #1 Weight Training & Bodybuilding Guide for Men – Transform Your Body in Weeks, NOT Months!

    by Bruce Harlow

    Learn how to naturally build the body of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible!

    What if you could start getting real results in the gym and see them in just weeks (not months)?

    Imagine how awesome it would feel to wake up every morning and see your dream body in the mirror!

    Multi-time best selling mens fitness author and influencer, Bruce Harlow, shares with you scientifically proven weight training workouts that are the fastest and most effective at building muscle mass and strength. With millions of fans worldwide reading his blog, books and email newsletters, his fitness programs have resulted in many achieving the body of their dreams. The specific workouts and teachings that are most powerful have been included in this guide!

    Do you struggle to see real results after all the work and effort you put in at the gym?
    Do you want results faster than you’re currently getting? To be stronger and have more lean mass?
    Or if the idea of following workouts that are scientifically proven to work sounds appealing to you…


    In this book, you will get:

    • Images included with all workouts so you can see exactly how to do it and perfect your form.
    • A massive collection of scientifically proven workouts to quickly build muscle mass, strength, and get shredded.
    • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for each workout so that anyone can follow along (even beginners).
    • Bruce’s personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions.
    • And much, much more…

    FREE BONUS INCLUDED: If you download this book, you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of Bruce Harlow’s best selling book, “The Most POWERFUL Method to Burn Fat Up To 400% FASTER!”

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    I Learned to Kick His Ass…And I Took Total Control

    by Ken Phillips

    Wanda is a gorgeous ass-kicker who enjoys helping other women learn to grapple, fight and dominate men. And of course domination means humiliation and emasculation. Wanda introduces you to two of the women that she has taught to crush the fellas. One lady uses her new knowledge, strength and attitude to destroy her ex-husband and the other learns how to tame her husband. We also introduce you to a fantastic and beautiful lady who uses her impressive physique to have things exactly the way she wants them. It takes a great attitude, physical power and tremendous skill for a woman to handle men and she has got it! We also reprint one of our readers’ favorite profiles. It, of course, includes fantastic pictures that will leave you drooling for more. If you like gorgeous, powerful, skilled women who can/do take down the men in their lives (and other guys) then check out my other books on Amazon Kindle.

    Edible Wild Plants: 20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage In The Forest

    by Dylan Jephson

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    Edible Wild Plants: (FREE Bonus Included)

    20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage In The Forest

    Foraging: 20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage: Edible Wild Plants, Four Season Harvest, Foraging
    Foraging is a process to search wild foods, edible wild plants, and herbs. This process is really beneficial for everyone to improve your overall health and reduce numerous problems. If you want to increase the self-sufficiency of food, try to forage wild plants and herbs. This book is designed for your assistance to make your work easy. You will learn general rules of foraging, safety principles, and other guidelines. You will learn about fruits and plants that are available in the wilderness during all four seasons. You can harvest and secure them for later use. This book will be really helpful for beginners because everything is given with images.

    This book offers:

    • Getting Started with Edible Wild Plants
    • Foraging Plants in Summer
    • Foraging Plants in winter
    • Foraging Plants in Spring
    • Foraging Plants in Autumn
    • Tips to Store Foraged Food

    Download your E book “Edible Wild Plants: 20 Seasonal Wild Foods to Forage In The Forest” by scrolling up and clicking
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    U.S. Navy/Seabee WWII Recreation & Down-Time Activities

    by Kirsten Anderberg

    This book contains 75 archival photographs of U.S.Navy/Seabee recreational activities which took place during World War II. The collection includes USO shows with Bob Hope, Betty Hutton and Jack Benny, outdoor movie theaters in the South Pacific, Christmas and Thanksgiving activities, churches and religious services, Officer’s Clubs, soda fountains, a service store and library, and sports, including boxing, basketball, pillow fights and fishing.

    Units represented in this collection: CBD 1008 (Solomon Islands), CBD 1045 (Italy), CBMU 502 (Bismark Island), CBMU 503 (Peleliu), CBMU 504 (Noumea), CBMU 505 (Guadalcanal), CBMU 507 (Puerto Rico), CBMU 509 (Okinawa), CBMU 518 (Guadalcanal), CBMU 525 (Argentina, New Foundland), CBMU 555 (Canal Zone), CBMU 577 (Eniwetok), CBMU 585 (South Pacific), CBMU 591 (Majuro Atoll), CBMU 601 (Marshall Islands), CBMU 606 (Luzon Island, Philippines), CBMU 613 (Azores).

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