Free horror Kindle books for 09 Feb 18

Feeding Ground

by D. Fay

Octavius Hunter, Chief Psychologist at the S-Max prison is confronted chosen by an inmate who shows him a depth of darkness and evil that is almost beyond comprehension. As is a master of an ancient martial art he rallies friends from the paranormal community in an attempt to defeat the monster and save the lives of those close to him. The power of friendship and the ancient ways are all that stand in the way of a fiend almost as old as time.

The Dead Canal

by Lewis Evans

Danger lurks on the Dead Canal. For decades it has frightened the inhabitants of a nearby village, some of which claim to have seen dead relatives wander in the mist. Luna never gave it much thought, until the day she is forced to confront it.

Orion’s Moon: a paranormal short story

by Terri Reid

When blood-born witch Cassidy Maguire opens her home to a stray dog she names Orion, she doesn’t realize that by opening the door to her new companion, she has also opened the door to a curse 300 years in the making. (Previously published in 2011 Anthology – Every Witch Way But Wicked)

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