Free literary fiction Kindle books for 09 Feb 18

Love and Vulgarity

by Moldy

Ernest “Vulgar” Henningway [sic] is a college dropout who’s sick of etiquette, decency, and shitty love stories. He may also be losing his mind…
Join Vulgar as he tries to survive a weeklong spree of abject behavior, crackpot philosophies, and torrid affairs. What made him this way? Why does he insist on shaving his head to look like a Neo-Nazi? And what does this mean for the White Protagonist in modern fiction? Probably nothing; maybe he just likes getting his ass kicked.

Read the book that no conventional publisher today would touch in their right minds. Why not put aside political correctness for a few chaotic turns of the page? Listen to his explanations of why men still have nipples, how romantic comedies prey on our weaknesses, how death defines love, and plenty of other nonsensical things. Cheer-or-jeer, Vulgar doesn’t care; he’s just trying to make sense of it all before it’s too late.

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