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Dear Queens

by Adisa Ajamu II

To the melanin rich women; poems and quotes written to let it be known that you are appreciated and loved to the upmost extent. You are much more than just something beautiful to look at…

Words From A Broken Man

by Adisa Ajamu II

poetic and mere random thoughts from a man who has seen and felt a lot in the name of love. being broken and time after time rebuilding himself no matter how bad the damage.

The New Lynchings

by Adisa Ajamu II

We are living in times that have never left; The black community versus the police. No matter how much we protest, no matter how much we want our lives to matter our words seem to fall on deaf ears. Too many of us are dying by the hands of those who are supposed to be protecting us, and this is my way of expressing my pain and disgust for the way we are treated while paying my respects to all of those that have been taken before their time. Lynching, by any other name, remains the same as there is no true justice for the families who have to mourn. May every word in this book be felt and understood well.

Retaliation of a Peaceful People

by Adisa Ajamu II

An anthology of thoughts that are channeled from various sources that scream out the same notion; we’re fed up! A people stolen, brainwashed, physically and emotionally beaten down for centuries striving for peace and not to be brutalized yet seeing the same fate as those before us. “no justice, no peace” is what we say as the fires within us burn bright.

1987: The Graffitied Mind

by Adisa Ajamu II

A compilation of poetry showcasing the artistic mind. The 5th book giving a glimpse of evolution from a poet who has been writing for well over 20 years.

Letters To The Moon: Poems

by J. R. Rogue

Can we, for tonight,
â?©just be the moon?â?©â?©
Curve into me like that â?©cheshire
grin in the sky.â?©â?©
Press your heart into my back.
â?©Let me forget my own.

Letters To The Moon is a short series of personal, custom poems written for fans of J.R. Rogue’s writing.

I Am… Still Emotionally Naked: My story told in 100 best + 600 new, original poems

by Juliana Locke

In 2013, I bumped into a man online whom I remembered as a friend from my youth. Rather impulsively, I reached out to reconnect with him. What happened next shocked me more than anyone!

This is my story written as an eclectic series of poems. I Amâ?¦ Still and Still Emotionally Naked were my fledgling attempts at capturing some of these complicated feelings. This new book takes 100 of those poems (many of them tweaked) and arranges them to tell my story. I then wrote 600 new poems to fill in some of the gaps, giving a much more complete picture of the past few years. I don’t claim that it’s the entire story, but it’s near enough for all intents and purposes.

The story told holds much drama! It’s certainly not the story I wanted to tell. There is deception, intrigue, surprising twists, deepest love, betrayal, grief, bitter anger, and hope. Ultimately, it is a story about what people choose to value â??and what happens when someone who highly values faith and love discovers a true love for a man whose priorities have become â?¦very different.

When I began planning this project, I originally included a subheading with the theme of FAITH; however, I was finding it increasingly difficult to contain it to just its category. It’s simply too much a part of who I am. And so, you will find that these poems have been interspersed amidst my themes â??each theme adding a layer to the story.

My faith and my character have been tested by this tricky love-situation, and although I’m still pretty battle-damaged from the emotional beating I’ve withstood, I am still here. I’m still willing to get emotionally naked.


Tools for the Disheartened

by Alexander Rubino

Raw sadness, and hope. Words of pain and love. Of the confusion. And everything you strive to be.

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