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Kit Smithers’ Last Commute

by Christopher Ell

Heath has been fixing time for what feels like forever. The only problem is, who’s going to fix Heath?

In the quirky novella Kit Smithers’ Last Commute, Heath Hancock has had just about enough of the whole time-travel gig. Well, not so much the travel part; it’s all the time stuck in the employee shuttle simulation with only his A.I. bus driver and the weird guy in seat G4 to keep him company. Hop a century, save a great grandpa, two hours on the virtubus, repeat. Or, at least, that’s how it was before a recently minted tech named Cole materialized, looking for her own share of chronological escapades.

With (ironically) no time to waste, Heath makes it his personal mission to dissuade the spunky new recruit from following in his footsteps by enlightening her of the deathly dull truth behind their chosen profession. Unfortunately, that weird guy in G4 doesn’t help any when he attempts to hijack the simulation and end all of their commutes early.

Can Heath convince Cole how boring her life will be while simultaneously stopping a madman from turning their brains into yesterday’s pudding, or will some of Cole’s wide-eyed optimism and lust for adventure rub off on him? Humorous and poignant, Kit Smithers’ Last Commute reminds us how even the most boring bits of everyday life can sometimes hold their own little adventures. And that 2079 is going to be a pretty horrible year for fashion. Winkyface.

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