Free fiction Kindle books for 10 Feb 18

Last Things

by Betta Ferrendelli

Bridgette Connor is a woman on the edge. Her career is in tatters, her relationship is doomed, and after an ill-fated pregnancy, she does the one thing she’s always done best.
She runs.
Her car careens off the road leaving her battered, bruised and beaten. It is then that she meets the woman who will change her life.
Alexis Parker is a woman in control. Her business is thriving, her friends are by her side and the daughter she refused to abandon is the happiest little girl in the world. When the bloodied and broken Bridgette Connor collapses at her door, Alexis does the one thing she’s always done best.
She helps.
Last Things is a story of two women, the story of how they are different and how they are the same. It is a story of love, a story of loss, and above all, a story of friendship.

A Friendly Favor

by Simone San Pablo

Julian has been single for over a year and has given up. His life is now one of work, Netfilx, and Chinese delivery.

Matt has just been dumped hard, leaving him adrift and struggling to get through ever longer days.

Julian doesn’t believe in one-night stands, and Matt isn’t looking for a rebound, but a friend in need of release can be a powerful motivator. And it will only be one night.

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