Free history Kindle books for 10 Feb 18

200 Winston Churchill Quotes: 200 Inspirational, Wise And Funny Quotes By The Legendary Winston s. Churchill

by Bill Miller

Winston S. Churchill was the british Prime Minister during World War II who encouraged bravery and endurance. Churchill became the first Honorary Citizen of the United States and later the first British Prime Minister to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Churchill was great with words and he often mixed wisdom with his special sense of humor. He became famous for his many clever and funny quotes and this is a collection with no less than 200 of the very best. Enjoy!


by Vlad Mihas

The story of Muhammad is an internationally known and authoritative report on the life of the prophet. Based on Syria, Mecca, Arabian and Aramaic stories which tell about many events in the life of the prophet his way of the original it contains important passages which reveal the history and path of the prophet Muhammad, who heard and saw Muhammad and were witnesses of the events of his great life.

True Ogden Scandals: Scandals from Ogden’s Glory Days (True Ogden Scandals 1)

by Jamie Carter Park

Ogden was a true wild west town in the glory days. The trains brought in money, jobs, and criminals. The economy was supported by prostitutes and stock-men. This short books tells 11 tales of scandalous people and situations. Was Otto Meek and absolute scumbag? Was Belle London capable of kindhearted contributions to her city? Was the industrial school abusing the children?
If you like Ogden history, scandals, sketchy situations, or old news stories, this is the book for you.
Watch for the next book – True Ogden Tragedies.

Battle Studies: Ancient and Modern Battle

by Ardant Du Picq

Du Picq was the first military scientist to write extensively on the psychological aspect of war. Battle Studies: Ancient and Modern Battle was his attempt to delineate empirical truths about warfare by a close analysis of battles. The book was a sensation at the dawn of the 20th Century and continues to be read by military strategists and political philosophers today.

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