Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 10 Feb 18

Where’d We Get the Dirt?: The Curious Adventures of Milton

by Jim Hamilton

Everything has a beginning. Many things start out right there in the ground beneath our feet. But where does the DIRT come from? Join Milton as he travels around the world in search of answers to this very perplexing question. He’ll go to fantastic places and gather intriguing opinions before discovering the real TRUTH: the answer to what’s beneath us comes from the One that is above us!
This engaging adventure for kids is perfect for the early reader or as a parent-read story time book for the younger listener. Its illustrations are captivating and fun for all ages and are sure to make the adult reader smile as well. Milton is a very relatable child, curious and energetic with an endless supply of questions. What makes Milton and his questions so special is the genuine enormity of the underlying purpose for asking the questions: Where DOES dirt come from? Where does ANYTHING come from? This story tackles typical worldly responses such as ignorance, mysticism and agnosticism in a way that the youngster will see as a fun adventure leading Milton around the world and back home again. By the time the journey is over, the ultimate source of answers to difficult questions has weighed in: the Creator himself. And Milton doesn’t shy away from asking him the REAL big question: “Where did YOU come from?”
The Adventures of Milton are stories designed to entertain and delight the inquisitive child, but also to open up REAL dialogue between parent and child regarding faith in a Creator that is all powerful, all knowing and all loving. Please take this opportunity to embark on a journey with Milton and offer your child an opportunity to ask their own challenging questions. Enjoy your opportunity to provide age appropriate answers that are indicative of your faith, not answers the world may be offering. For the older children, this book can encourage meaningful discussion and an opportunity for you to open up the Word with them and see what answers await inside the cover of the greatest book of all!

8th Grade Fugitive

by Richard Clark

On the run on the mean streets of middle school…

“A highly addictive read, which will keep many on the edge of their seats.” “A well-written, heart-pumping, action-packed read.” Readers’ Favorite 5â?? review

“Hey, it’s me, Brian. Brian Ryan. I’m 14â?¦ well, next July I am. And I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not just some skateboard freak. Sure, I wipe out a lot, but I’m into the physics of the stunts and all. I even design my own stuntsâ?¦ which don’t always work outâ?¦ but that’s why God invented band-aids, right?”

Join Brian on his craziest day ever! Accused of a serious crime, he zips around the mean streets of his suburban middle school, staying one step ahead of the cops. On the day of the Xtreme Dream Games, will Brian be able to catch the real culprit and clear his name?

If you like your middle grade fiction with a twist of James Bond, Zac Power and Secret Agent 6th Grader, you’ll love 8th Grade Fugitive! From the writer of My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent, this mystery thriller chapter book is a fun adventure full of action and excitement for any reader – children, tweens, teens… and beyond! This funny who-done-it is the first in a series, so if you like it, there’s more to come!

(Don’t forget to look for the surprise after Chapter 1!)

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