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Brothers in Arms

by Philip McCormac

What happens when you take the law into your own hands?

Butch Shilton is an out-of work-cowboy. Joe Peters is an out-of work-carpenter.

After a series of skirmishes, they both find themselves facing a ten-year stretch in prison.

But before they can serve their time, fate takes a hand.

A gang of outlaws ride into Empire Fastness Way Station and massacre the inhabitants.

Hidden in their cells, Butch and Joe are the only survivors.

After breaking free they decide to track down the killers.

But they find themselves accused of the mass murders.

With a posse on their tail, and the killers of the Way Station hunting them, their chances of surviving are slim.

Can these Brothers in Arms track down the killers and prove their innocence?

Or will they once more find themselves facing the long hand of the lawâ?¦

Brothers in Arms is a thrilling Western adventure story.

Praise for Philip McCormac

‘A classic story of adventure and courage in the old West.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

â??Philip McCormac writes in the best tradition of Zane Grey and Jack Shaefer.’ Richard Foreman, author of Sword of Empire.

Philip McCormac lives in the East Midlands, England, is married with two grown-up children and five grandchildren. He is the author of fourteen Western novels including Son of a Gun and Vengeance Unbound. He is also the author of detective thriller Tone Death.

Pioneering Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We publish new and classic westerns by authors from the US and the UK.

Stories for 2 Year Olds (Young Storytime)

by Igloo Books Ltd

When it’s time for a story, there’s no better place to find one than in this wonderful collection of original tales, written especially for two year olds. Told in a gentle and humorous way, the stories are beautifully illustrated and full of adorable characters that children will love. Meet the bear who can’t find his teddy, a tiger who doesn’t like the postman and a hippo who loves jumping in puddles! Come and join in the fun and make story time a special time for your two year old.

My Treasury of Farmyard Tales (Childrens Gift)

by Igloo Books Ltd

Enjoy some fantastic, original stories in this treasury of farmyard tales. Meet the farm dog who can’t wake up, the fox who wants chicken for supper and the farm animals who escape. There are lots more stories to choose from and it’s adventure all the way – so come and join in the fun of the farm.

Lovestruck in London (Lovestruck Series, Book 1)

by Rachel Schurig

Lizzie Medina went to London to reinvent herself. Tired of being the quiet baby sister, and in no hurry to settle into a boring existence in surburbia, she escapes from home at the first opportunity. When she settles in London for a year of post-graduate studies, Lizzie is sure she’ll be able to start a whole new life. Immerse herself in the books she loves. Explore a new country. Work on her dream of writing a novel. She might even be able to find a little bit of excitement for once.

But falling unexpectedly in love with up-and-coming actor Thomas Harper causes Lizzie to re-thinkâ?¦ everything. Just as she’s convinced herself this small-town girl from the Midwest can handle this great adventure, Thomas’s career suddenly explodes to superstar levels, and Lizzie finds herself forced to navigate the fame game of red carpets, catty co-stars, gossip magazines, and paparazzi. When she wished for a new life, she had no idea it would be anything like this!

Lizzie must now determine if her loveâ??and her confidenceâ??are strong enough to get her through the complications of dating a movie star. Even if she and Thomas are able to pull through before she has to leave London, how will she deal with the inevitability of returning to a life at home that no longer feels like her own? Will she follow her family’s wishes or follow her heart? Will the Lizzie she discovered in London be strong enough to help her pursue her dreams?

The Dress of the Season

by Kate Noble

Originally published in 2012.

Harris Dane, Viscount Osterley, orders a very fine and scandalously cut dress to be made for a certain lady he wishes to woo. While with the dress designer, he also orders a pair of gloves to be sent to his ward, Miss Felicity Grove, to wish her well for the new Season. But when Felicity accidentally receives the dress, along with Osterley’s affectionate note, it sets into motion a tale of scandalous misunderstandings and love in the last place you look.

CAIN: A Stepbrother SEAL Romance

by Collette French

What do you get when you cross an ex-Navy SEAL with one incredibly smoking hot bodyguard?

That would be my new stepbrother, Cain Theroux.

Too bad I didn’t know that when I stumbled into him on the street and then flirted with him. Yep, that was just my luck. The sexy and brooding alpha male was the same guy my father had just hired to protect me from my stalker. And despite the intense chemistry between us, Cain made it clear that his clients are off limits.

But the longer we spend together, the harder those rules are to follow. The attraction is high, but the stakes are even higher. As a famous Hollywood actress, I have an image to uphold. If the press got one word of this, they’d tear me to shreds.

It’s true what they say. Sometimes the sweetest temptations are also the most forbiddenâ?¦

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