Free fantasy Kindle books for 11 Feb 18

Chains of the Forest (Chronicles of Ruvaen Book 1)

by Darin Niemann

Chains of the Forest is the beginning of the story of Ruvaen. Ruvaen is a young half-elf who becomes enslaved by the harsh nation of Zecresh after his village is destroyed by orcs. With little to no training, he is forced to fight as an arena slave. Riken, a skilled slave, takes pity on this young, innocent boy and teaches Ruvaen how to survive. Time passes as he struggles with simply staying alive. What will happen as Ruvaen realizes that this wide world in which he now resides is not nearly the same as his small elven village?

Nerra’s Run: a Dragonhall Chronicles story

by Mirren Hogan

Sometimes you have to take a risk.

On the run from the infamous reasoners, Nerra has devoted ten years to saving children from death at their hands.
Given a warning from an ally, Nerra must now risk herself to free several young lives from their captors. Can she save these children, and her own child from a terrible fate?
Continue Nerra’s terrifying journey.

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