Free history Kindle books for 11 Feb 18

Modern Air Force of Russia: Sukhoi Airplanes & Technical Training Aids: Bonus: Technical Training Aids

by Alexander Tigr

To your attention is a unique book dedicated to the modern military air equipment of Russia.
In the book, the main prospective combat aviation complexes of the Russian Air Force, information about the latest models of aircraft SU family, as well as information about the legendary aircraft SU family, which deserve recognition all over the world.
Also from the book you will learn about the latest technical training systems for aircraft designers and pilots of unique combat vehicles.
In the book we used photographic materials of enterprises, from the company’s archives.

Calamity Jane: How The West Began

by Bryan Ney


After a poor teenage girl arrives in the gold fields of 1860’s Montana, se soon makes a name for herself as Calamity Jane through her daring exploits.

While Jane makes many friends and becomes the toast of the town, murder and robbery stalk all who travel the trails around town. After one of her friends is murdered, Jane must bring the person responsible to justice.

“Well situated in the tradition of frontier town novels, such as Jack Schaefer’s “Shane”” – Kirkus Reviews

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