Free horror Kindle books for 11 Feb 18


by MANDATORY aarif

These are a series of horror stories that will make you believe ghost actually exist. My heart shivered when reading this I was so frightened that I couldn’t go to bed. I did looked around if ghost exist .

Cantina Valley (A Ben Adler Mystery Book 1)

by Trevor Scott

Ben Adler recently retired from the Air Force, settling into his rural Western Oregon family home following the death of his parents. When Portland lawyer, Maggi McGuffin, suddenly shows up at Ben’s off-the-grid hobby farm, he is skeptical of her intentions. But she agrees to get the IRS and EPA off his back for a little investigative work. In the Air Force, Ben worked as a special agent with the Office of Special Investigations, their version of the FBI and CIA. He spent years interrogating terrorists and debriefing airmen. Strange things are happening in normally sedate Cantina Valley. In his quest for answers, Ben must sift through a cast of quirky characters and unknown entities with hidden agendas. Does his investigation have anything to do with a recent murder? Ben must unravel a case as complex as a fine Oregon pinot noir to discover the truth.

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