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Disaster Preparedness For The Single Parent: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On How To Prepare For Disaster and Survival Situations As A Single Parent and Keep Your Kids Safe

by Ronald Williams

When it comes to survival and disaster preparedness, almost all of the information out there focuses on an audience who have access to an entire network of family members and a spouse specifically.

All of the tasks in a survival or disaster situation are incredibly daunting, but especially for single moms or single dads who are solely responsible for their children’s welfare.

If you are a single parent and are the only one with an income keeping your family afloat, and if you have few close relatives or friends in your vicinity, then you are truly on your own to provide for you and your children.

Single parents have all of the same worries as parents in two parent households, and they have all the same responsibilities to ensure that their kids are protected and kept safe in an emergency.

While this obviously creates much pressure and stress, you’ll be glad to hear that this book can provide you with some valuable information on what exactly you need to do.

In this guide, we will discuss how to prepare for disasters and keep your kids safe in an emergency as a single parent.
Topics that this book will cover include the following:

Making An Emergency Contact List
Educating Your Children On Survival and Disaster Preparedness
Developing Your Skills
Stocking Up On Crucial Supplies
Building A First Aid Kit For Medical Emergencies
Having A Backup Caregiver Provided
Staying On Top Of Your Health Insurance
Preparing For Financial/Economic Disasters
Preparing For Natural Disasters

The goal of this book is to help provide you with some crucial information on what you can do to keep your family safe in the midst of catastrophic disasters and emergencies as a single parent.

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