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Wicca for Beginners: Learn How Wiccan Witchcraft Can Enrich Your Life

by Caroline Orins

The Wiccan religion has been around for centuries.  There are many people that follow their beliefs.  In some way, all of us do without even realizing it.  However, not many people really know what Wicca is or how it originated. It is a popular belief that Wicca is a total pagan religion and their beliefs are against the teachings of all other religions on Earth.  But we have to remember that the beliefs of one person may not be the same for another.  Praise need not be for one God, Allah, or Buddha – it can also encompass Nature.

So how did it all begin?

It was many centuries ago that Wicca was born.  No one knows an exact year since recordkeeping back then was sparse at best.  The number of Wiccans was pretty small then since there were many others that did not understand what Wiccans did or what their beliefs were.  In other words, there was discrimination against them for their practices.  Their rituals were and are far different than any other religion known to man.  Since a lot of people did not understand what their form of worship was, many people were persecuted and even killed for their beliefs. So the Wiccans hid for many years for fear of losing their lives for their choice in religion.

There are many stories about the misunderstanding of Wicca, including the famous Salem Witch Hunts.  It seems that it was easier to condemn a person as being a witch with unsubstantiated powers than it was to ask why a coven was making a pot of the same medicinal potions that were used in most households. But witch hunts did not start in Salem.  There were many other places in the world where they occurred, with many people put to death by several different inhumane ways for what they believed and what they practiced.

Not only are there many Wiccans in the world today, but there are also those people that twist the religion into an evil following of devil worship.  This book delves into that subject to give a better understanding of the differences between the two groups.  There are other recognized religions that are “spin-offs” of other major religions, but they do follow a lot of the same doctrines as the group they separated from.  However, devil worship does not fall into that category.  Our discussion of that practice will point out the differences they have with any other religious groups.

What will you learn:

From the history of Wicca all the way to the modern day, you will discover what its practices are, what its beliefs are, how they have changed through the years, and how they have come to be accepted in today’s society.  You will also discover resources to learn more about them.  Perhaps you can learn even more about Wicca and explore the faith to see if it can be your way of life. If nothing else, you will have learned something new. If your interest is now piqued, delve into the world of Wicca and learn about the very basic foundation of their beliefs.

You will also get a gift: your own book of wiccan spells completely for free!

The Amish Widow: A Suspense Romance

by Katie Fisher

An Amish widow struggling to find her way. Can she have a new beginning while helping to solve a murder case?

When Cat Kaufmann lost her husband, leaving her with three young children, she did the only thing she knew: put her trust in God, roll up her sleeves, and get to work. Now, two years later she is struggling emotionally, financially and physically.

But life gets even rougher when she witnesses the murder of her neighbor.

Detective Kevin Fleming is certain that this case will be the same as all the others. The Amish might say that they’re different, but there are always skeletons in the closet. Being in such a close-knit community brings up old, dark memories, though, and he’s eager to get this case over with.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as he had hoped. His gruff mannerisms are met with closed doors. When Cat offers her help, he reluctantly accepts. Working with her has unexpected consequences, though, and her optimism and faith start to break down his walls.

But there can’t be anything between them. She’s Amish. He’s an Englisch man.

And there’s a murderer on the loose.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 102-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Words of Counsel (Updated, Annotated): For All Leaders, Teachers, and Evangelists

by Charles H. Spurgeon

There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents. (Luke 15:10)

Is there any occupation as profitable or rewarding as that of winning souls for Christ? It is a desirable employment, and the threshold for entry into this profession is set at a level any Christian may achieve – you must only love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and your fellow man as yourself. This work is for all genuine Christians, of all walks of life. This is for you, fellow Christian.

Be prepared to be inspired, challenged, and convicted. Be prepared to weep, for the Holy Spirit may touch you deeply as you consider your coworkers, your neighbors, the children you know, and how much the Lord cares for these individuals. But you will also be equipped. Charles Spurgeon knew something about winning souls, and he holds nothing back as he shares biblical wisdom and practical application regarding the incredible work the Lord wants to do through His people to reach the lost.

About the Author
Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a British Baptist preacher. He started preaching at age 17 and quickly became famous. He is still known as the “Prince of Preachers” and frequently had more than 10,000 people present to hear him preach at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. His sermons were printed in newspapers, translated into many languages, and published in many books.

Enlightenment on Main Street

by Gregg Valenzuela

Enlightenment on Main Street is a memoir in prose and poetry highlighting the journey of an ordinary Westerner on a path of Enlightenment as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi through his Transcendental Meditation® technique.

Dr. Valenzuela is still practicing medicineâ??he learned Transcendental Meditation in Medical School in 1975. Over the years he became interested in the Enlightenment experiences reported in every major religion and in the American Indian tradition. In this book he describes experiences that are similar to those previously reported and now available to the Westerner even while actively engaged in a professional career.

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