Free romance Kindle books for 11 Feb 18

STILL I WILL FOLLOW (A Miller’s Creek Novel Book 7)

by Cathy Bryant

From this bestselling page turner series comes a Christian romantic suspense complete with a freedom-seeking woman, a hurt and judgmental ranch manager, and a force of darkness determined to keep them both enslaved. Don’t miss this rural thriller that drives home a poignant message about the freedom found in following Jesus.

A freedom-seeking believer has done the one thing she swore never to do — move back to Miller’s Creek. Though Bella followed God’s leading in her quest for freedom, she never imagined He’d take her back to the place so full of hurtful memories. And she’s struggling to understand why. Especially since at every turn, people seem determined to remind her about her checkered past and condemn her for it in the present.

At Miller’s Ranch, the hard-as-nails ranch manager yearns for someone with whom to share his life. But Clay’s not prepared for a softening of his heart toward the woman who betrayed him years ago. Perhaps the best way to handle it is to make sure she leaves Miller’s Creek. This time forever.

Can Bella and Clay release their chains to find a freedom that has always been theirs? Or will false accusations and the lies they believe condemn them both to a life of emptiness and enslavement to the past?

Written with the feel of Mitford and Mayberry, readers have fallen in love with Miller’s Creek. Will you? Grab your copy of this rural thriller today.

Breathe (City of Lights Series)

by Tovie Bryce

Love deserves a second chance.

Seth Kingston spent way too many years living with regrets. Returning to the scorching Las Vegas heat where anything goes, he’s sure running into an old flame is no coincidence, but she wants no part of what he’s offering. She’s the one that got away, but he’s determined not to let her go a second time.

When her ex-boyfriend, Seth, slides right back into her life, Penny Weldings does her best to keep him at arm’s length. However, the years have turned him into someone she can’t shake. His sea-blue eyes draw her in, causing her breath to seize with a desire she’s never known. She can do without another broken heart, but the longer he’s around, the more Penny wonders if real love can survive anything, even the burn of an unforgiving past.

My Ghostly Valentine: A Haunting Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Banshee Creek Book 4)

by Ani Gonzalez

A fun, humorous romance…with ghosts!
Baker Patricia O’Dare wants to buy the famous, but extremely haunted, Rosemoor Bed & Breakfast, and turn it into a luxurious teashop. Only one thing stands in her way, bad boy restaurateur Zach Franco who wants the building so he can expand his pizza empire. Add a pesky ghost that seems to dislike the idea of having its home turned into a restaurant, and Banshee Creek’s first Valentine Day’s Ball and things get dicey pretty fast.

All’s fair in love and war, specially where the incorrigible Zach Franco is concerned, but as the fight over the Rosemoor heats up, Patricia fears that she may be winning the battle, but losing her chance at love.


by James Parker

Why do I always fail?
Nothing ever works out.

Shawn’s looking for the perfect man.

He’s almost about to give up until Brendan shows up.

He’s everything Shawn wanted and more.

But Brendan has a past that’s quickly catching up with him and Shawn will get caught in the crossfire.

Author’s Note: This gay love story is filled with steamy scenes and a HEA!

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