Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 12 Feb 18

Charlie Goes West

by Charlie Colegrove

Follow “Rockhound” Charlie Colegrove born in Remus, Michigan, on January 30, 1898, across a still young nation as he gives us his own personal glimpses of homesteading in Montana,working in the still wild west of Colorado, and settling on a farm in Oregon.

Relish turn-of-the-century recollections of World War I, and experience the innovations of the new 1900’s. ‘Listen as Charlie chats about seeing his first automobile, treading through the snow barefoot to save his shoes, the time he got two deer with one shot and so much more.

You will be charmed as you follow along as “Charlie Goes West.”

I Can Sell My Home: A Non Technical Guide

by Miori

A NON Technical guide to sell a home. Explore together with the author your journey to sell your home. Author also provides a bonus chapter to help you sell on your own.

Musings at Death’s Door: an ancient bicultural Asian-Australian ponders about Australian society

by Raja Arasa Ratnam

Musings at Death’s Door (2012) is an end-of-life overview of Australia, the nation to which the spirit world had sent the author (so he was told reliably by a clairvoyant of repute). The perspective of this book is bicultural. The judgements are harsh, provocative, challenging, or approbatory.

The scope of the book is wide, ranging from subservient politicians, professional ethnics, burgeoning welfare in a new age of entitlement, a non-representative Western democracy, the primacy of law over justice, Australia becoming the next state of the USA, the current hegemonic empire of the USA against the traditional empire of control, the pervasive influence of traditional culture, the nature of identity, the shallowness of media, and the risk of law-making courts, etc.

The book concludes with chapters on religion and Man’s place in the Cosmos. The author decided to publish this book only when one of Australia’s rare intellectuals endorsed it, saying “There is wisdom here …”

The Amityville Murders

by Ana Benson

This quiet suburban street looks like a normal New York suburb but Lutz family who were the main characters in The Amityville Horror book went through hell in their newly purchased dream home. The said house has a tragic history and Lutz family supposedly experienced it first hand. Yes, it was confirmed that the book featured plenty of false accounts and recollections, but it helped put Amityville on the map and the story soon became well-known throughout the United States and the rest of the world.
However, not all scary stories are made up and there has to be something to them, right? The real events that occurred on a cold autumn day in November of 1974 at a lovely house on 112 Ocean Avenue were as chilling as the most intense work of fiction out there.

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