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Calm After Storm

by Catherine Hughes

Natalie Carter barely survived the beating she got from her ex boyfriend Shawn a few days into her recovery her new love Jordan swooped in to offer her a calm after the storm. She is about to be claimed long, hard, and unprotected!

Living In The Gatehouse

by Jean L. Kuhnke

A young girl finds an empty gatehouse where she can hide from her brother and his friends and play quietly with her dolls until she is discovered by the mean old man that owns the property. Her delightful personality quickly broke through his hardened exterior beginning a wonderful friendship.
Over the years, he became her mentor, confidant, and best friend. When she was old enough to begin the process of courting, she was overlooked because of her petite size and aversion to men in general attributed to her past experience.
Wanting to show the world that she could be an independent woman, she found that her independence was contingent on her friend’s generosity.
Finding love where she least expected it, showed her that everyone was dependent on someone.

Heart of a Prince: Billionaire Romance

by Sandra Cole

Billionaire Romance

It was by pure accident that Nina was present at a lush gala event thrown to welcome the arrival of a wealthy prince. As a caterer, Nina could do just about anything when it came to food and service. But her boss has a new job for her: host an aristocratic party for the evening and entertain a handsome prince! Though Nina is nervous, she proves to be a talented hostess and seems to strike the prince’s fancy. The prince, Robin of Othio, introduces himself and quickly puts Nina under a spell, stealing her from the party to explore the city of her home. Though he seems quite taken with her, he’s under the impression that she is much wealthier than she is. Her dress would indicate a more wealthy position in society, but Nina keeps her secret to herself…until it bubbles to the surface by accident. Will the prince forgive her white lie or will it cause him to disappear forever?

A lavish ball is no place for a caterer like Nina, but she gets to play wealthy for a night in a fancy ballgownâ??and ends up leaving the event with more than just a new experience. She leaves with the heart of a prince!

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A standalone short story with guaranteed happily-ever-after! This book is filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Jane of Lantern Hill: classic

by L. M. Montgomery

Once, when Jane had been sitting in the Cadillac, one dark, dingy morning in a snowy world, waiting for Frank to take her to St. Agatha’s, as he did every day, she had heard two women, who were standing on the street-corner, talking about it. “Did you ever see such a dead house?” said the younger. “It looks as if it had been dead for ages.” “That house died thirty years ago, when Robert Kennedy died,” said the older woman. “Before that it was a lively place. Nobody in Toronto entertained more. Robert Kennedy liked social life. He was a very handsome, friendly man. People could never understand how he came to marry Mrs. James Anderson . . . a widow with three children. She was Victoria Moore to begin with, you know, old Colonel Moore’s daughter . . . a very aristocratic family. But she was pretty as a picture then and was she crazy about him! My dear, she worshipped him. People said she was never willing to let him out of her sight for a moment. And they said she hadn’t cared for her first husband at all. Robert Kennedy died when they had been married about fifteen years . . . died just after his first baby was born, I’ve heard.” “Does she live all alone in that castle?” “Oh, no. Her two daughters live with her. One of them is a widow or something . . . and there’s a granddaughter, I believe. They say old Mrs. Kennedy is a terrible tyrant, but the younger daughter . . . the widow . . . is gay enough and goes to everything you see reported in Saturday Evening. Very pretty . . . and can she dress! She was the Kennedy one and took after her father. She must hate having all her fine friends coming to Gay Street. It’s worse than dead . . . it’s decayed. But I can remember when Gay Street was one of the most fashionable residential streets in town. Look at it now.”

Never Ending Love: Billionaire MFM Menage Romance

by Sandra Cole

Billionaire Menage Romance

Abbie isn’t looking for love when the very hot Travis comes into her life, but there’s just something about him that has her hooked from the get go. But he says that he doesn’t â??do’ forever, so when the super famous, sexy rock star Rex looks her way, and wants to make her his, she has a very tough decision to makeâ?¦

Which one should she choose if she wants a never ending love?

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A standalone short story with guaranteed happily-ever-after! This book filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ readers only!

Anne’s House of Dreams: Anne 5

by L. M. Montgomery

The book begins with Anne and Gilbert’s wedding, which takes place in the Green Gables orchard. After the wedding, they move to their first home together, which Anne calls their “house of dreams”. Gilbert finds them a small house on the seashore at Four Winds Point, an area near the village of Glen St. Mary, where he is to take over his uncle’s medical practice. In Four Winds, Anne and Gilbert meet many interesting people, such as Captain Jim, a former sailor who is now the keeper of the lighthouse, and Miss Cornelia Bryant, an unmarried woman in her 40s who lives alone in an emerald-green house and deems the Blythes part of “the race that knows Joseph”. Anne also meets her new neighbor, Leslie Moore, who lost her beloved brother and her father, and then was forced by her mother to marry the mean-spirited and unscrupulous Dick Moore at age 16. She felt free for a year or so after Dick disappeared on a sea voyage, but Captain Jim happened upon him …

Anne of The Island: Anne 3

by L. M. Montgomery

“Harvest is ended and summer is gone,” quoted Anne Shirley, gazing across the shorn fields dreamily. She and Diana Barry had been picking apples in the Green Gables orchard, but were now resting from their labors in a sunny corner, where airy fleets of thistledown drifted by on the wings of a wind that was still summer-sweet with the incense of ferns in the Haunted Wood. But everything in the landscape around them spoke of autumn. The sea was roaring hollowly in the distance, the fields were bare and sere, scarfed with golden rod, the brook valley below Green Gables overflowed with asters of ethereal purple, and the Lake of Shining Waters was blueâ??blueâ??blue; not the changeful blue of spring, nor the pale azure of summer, but a clear, steadfast, serene blue, as if the water were past all moods and tenses of emotion and had settled down to a tranquility unbroken by fickle dreams. “It has been a nice summer,” said Diana, twisting the new ring on her left hand with a smile. “And Miss Lavendar’s wedding seemed to come as a sort of crown to it. I suppose Mr. and Mrs. Irving are on the Pacific coast now …

Emily Climbs: classic

by L. M. Montgomery

Emily Byrd Starr longs to attend Queen’s Academy to earn her teaching license, but her tradition-bound relatives at New Moon refuse. She is instead offered the chance to go to Shrewsbury High School with her friends, on two conditions. The first is that she board with her disliked Aunt Ruth, but it is the second that causes Emily difficulties. Emily must not write a word during her high-school education …

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