Free poetry Kindle books for 12 Feb 18

My Poetic Journal : The Observations, The Experiences, and The Phenomenons (Book One 1)

by D.E. Walker

When I was five years old my grandmother explained to me never to write anything down because it could be proven and she was a bit angry at the time. However, in my childlike mind, I had already learned to read and write by the time I was three years old and so I discovered how to encrypt my writings into poetry form. I was voted best poet in the second grade, though I have no idea what the poem was or why I was chosen. This collection of poems represents moments in my life that even if you were there, you might not know it was about you or a situation we experienced together. It truly is my diary, my journal, my life in poetry. I hope you enjoy reading and attempting to interpret what each poem represents. With all my love and respect, D.E. Walker

Aceno: colet̢nea transdisciplinar do CETRANS em SP РBrasil (Portuguese Edition)

ACENO, publicação bianual. Confiamos que o fluir destas leituras as configure de alguma maneira como uma referência para a exploração e clarificação do sentir, pensar e fazer TD. Como em todo aceno, sempre prevalece a incerteza, o mistério e o impulso para o viandante andarilho. Não seria diferente para a COLET�NEA ACENO DO CETRANS.

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