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Wylt: The Blood Lake Chronicles: A Dark Fantasy Celtic Romance

by Amy K Kuivalainen

A cross between a modern Jane Eyre and traditional dark fairy tales, Wylt is book one of The Blood Lake Chronicles, a paranormal gothic romance series with a new twist on fae and vampire mythology.

Rosa Wylt’s plans are cut short when she receives a summons to return to Gwaed Lyn, an ancient mansion in the Lake District, and the center of all her childhood nightmares.

The Wylt family has always served the mysterious, wealthy Vanes but Rosa is determined to break free of the bonds that have tied both families together for centuries. Searching through her family’s history, she discovers letters of the doomed love affair of a Vane ancestor…one that has an uncanny resemblance to Balthasar, the eldest Vane that she cannot help being drawn to.

Balthasar Vane is haunted by a past of violence. As the enforcer for his family and heir to his father’s kingdom, there is no room for weakness in any area of his life; that includes his growing feelings for Rosa Wylt.

The Vanes are forbidden to touch the Wylts, but Balthasar draws Rosa into a world of dark passion, bloodthirsty immortals, and a war that has been raging with the Seelie Fae for centuries. The Queen of the Seelies want the Vanes to suffer, and for her revenge she will break their world apart. 
The Blood Lake Chronicles

1. Wylt 2. Blaise 
The Blood Lake Chronicles is an unofficial spin off series that features a character, Eldon Blaise, that you meet in The Firebird Fairytales. These series can be read separately.

Unknown Identity Box Set Books #1-3: Billionaire sweet & steamy Romance

by Lexy Timms

USA Today Bestselling author, Lexy Timms, brings you the first 3 bks of the Unknown Identity Series in a box set!

But then, I saw love. Real, true love that could never be hidden.

Book 1 – Unknown

Life has changed radically for Leslie. Her husband has finally succumbed to his terminal cancer and it’s time for her to have a change of scenery. Moving across the country and setting up shop, Leslie takes the months to rebuild her life and figure out what she wants in the future.

Pouring herself into her successful mystery books series she’s written, she is a reclusive global sensation writing under a penname. 

Leslie realizes that her life is missing the romance she so desperately craved and now she’s on the hunt to live her life beyond her grief.

Sooner than she realizes, cupid comes calling in the form of a handsome actor who has no clue she’s a successful author. However, he comes with his own personal set of baggage. 

Is new love possible after you’ve laid true love to rest? 

Book 2 – Unpublished

Things with Conrad didn’t go as Leslie has planned and after running back to New York City, she’s the most surprised person in the world to find him standing on her doorstep, asking for a chance to win her heart over.

Leslie doesn’t know how to respond. But, Conrad’s here, alive and wanting to love her.

Excited to show her new found beau the city she’s come to love, Leslie realizes when Amber and Josie return, that she left out one minor detail about her life.

The more Conrad expresses his love for her, the more Leslie grows nervous about telling him who she really is.

Will Conrad being willing to accept who she really is when the truth comes out?

Book 3 – Unexposed

All secrets have a price, and Leslie is about to find out when hers is exposed.

Now one of the most popular authors on the planet, Leslie only wanted to find life after love. She never expected that her heart would fall for anyone again.

Sexy, handsome, and an extremely famous actor, Conrad has managed to capture her attention, along with the attention of a million paparazzi who want to snap pictures of the couple together.

Can they survive the world known, published, and exposed for everyone to see?


The Texan Meets His Match (Lake Howling Book 2)

by Wendy Vella

“Everything you want in a romance –
a sexy hero and heroine, flirting, family, fun and some steamy sex.
There’s also a dose of drama and of course a perfectly mapped HEA.”

Annabelle Smith has never had it easy, but she’s a survivor. So when her brother cleans out her bank account, she reluctantly turns to the one man she’d vowed to stay away from. Ethan Gelderman is a hot, sexy Texan, who has more numbers in his black book than most men have socks, and placing her trust in him is one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do.
Lake Howling is home to Ethan’s closest friends, and it’s also where Annabelle “firebrand” Smith lives. Sassy, beautiful and pricklier than a cactus, she’s never made it a secret that she wants nothing to do with him, but he sure as hell wants something to do with her. Lord knows, it’s going to be hard to earn her trust, but Ethan’s never backed down from a challenge yet, and he soon realizes trust is just the beginning of what he wants from Annabelle.

Seal’d to Her: A Second Chance Military Romance

by Piper Sullivan

I got shot. Fired.
And my partner was left in a wheelchair.
Heading home to Chicago to lick my literal and figurative wounds, I ran into the one person I never expected to see again. My ex, Colt Sharpe. The love of my life. The reason my heart beat. The man who left me with five minutes’ notice and never looked back.
This city isn’t big enough for the both of us.

I’m a Navy SEAL.
A successful CEO.
But the one thing that’s missing is something I’ll never get back. The girl I’ve loved all my life.
Then she walked back into my life, scowling, snarling and hating my guts.
Jaya Martinson was the woman I was meant to be with. Meant to have babies with.
She can’t stand me now but I’m not above playing dirty to get what I want.
And all I want is Jaya.

Author’s Promise: A Steamy Second Chance Military Romance with a HEA ending.

At First Light (Mount Kiernon Book 1)

by Suzanne Paschke

Having escaped the clutches of her abusive and controlling husband Cheryl Prescott flees the city she grew up in to live a new life under a false name. Years later when her car breaks down in the small town of Mount Kiernon, Cheryl – who is now better known as Sarah Walker – is forced to spend the night waiting for it to be repaired.

Discovering a town that is hurting as much as she is, Sarah decides to settle down and call the town her new home, opening a cafe along with her heart to the people of Mount Kiernon. As relationships with her customers grow, so do the feelings she has for the local mechanic, Jamie.

Will Sarah open her heart to let Jamie in, or will the new life she has built on lies crumble when her past threatens to return?

A Madness in Spring

by Kate Noble

this title was originally published in the anthology A Gentleman for All Seasons

The line between love and hate â?¦

Belinda Leonard prefers things done a certain way, and has her life – and the entire village of Hemshawe – arranged to her liking. The only thorn in her side is the maddening presence of Adam Sturridge, who has delighted in disrupting Belinda’s perfectly ordered existence ever since they were children. But even though they are long past the age of pulling pigtails, Belinda and Adam cannot help but spark against each other every chance they get.

â?¦is about to get blurry.

But when those sparks get noticed by a would-be matchmaker, things get turned on their head for Belinda and Adam. A few well-placed words have the pair questioning how they truly feelâ?¦ and how long they have felt that way. But can these two stop squabbling long enough to overcome a lifetime of animosity and misunderstandings, and find their way to love?

In Love’s Territory: A Western Historical Romance

by Lucy Evanson

Torn from the big city. Thrust onto the frontier. Forced to choose between two men.

As the only daughter in a wealthy Boston family, Katie Taylor has a comfortable home, good friends and servants to attend to her every whim. But when her father uproots her family and moves them to a farm in the Territories, her former life disappears forever. Soon she finds herself caught between the desires of two men: Edward, the wealthy businessman who has taken an interest in her, and Sam, the half-Sioux farmhand who has also kindled a passion within her. Now, when she least expected it, she finds herself without a guide in a brand-new land: the territory of love.

Publisher’s Note: We love and appreciate our readers who are fans of inspirational fiction, but In Love’s Territory is not a Christian novel. It contains mild language and mildly suggestive situations. If you’re offended by such content, then this probably isn’t the book for you.
Here’s what Amazon readers like you have said about In Love’s Territory:

  • This is an amazing story, so full of passion, heartache, love, suspense that I hated for it to end.
  • This is a five star book in my opinion. I couldn’t put it down. It captures you and makes you feel like you’re right there in the book witnessing it all. I love historical books and romance books and this offered both in one!
  • I read this book from beginning to end in one sitting and thought about it for days afterwards.
  • This the first time I have ever choked-up and actually ended the story with tears in my eyes. This is a five star novel and an outstanding author.
  • Enjoyed the book very much. Kept my interest ’til the end. Never a dull moment. Anxious for the next page.

His Wife

by Bree Branigan

A deliciously sexy taboo FFM menage romance, PLUS eight HOT bonus stories!

OMG I want him. But I want his wife even more. I’m walking a thin line.

Billionaire, Kade Hannon is the kind of sexy you see on the cover of magazines, and Shannon, his new personal assistant struggles to keep her attraction to him in check. Then Shannon meets his equally gorgeous wife, Ella. When Shannon is invited to the Hannon’s little key party she is propelled into an exploration of fantasies she didn’t even know she’d had.

WARNING: This eBook contains hot scenes, naughty words, and intense action, intended for 18+ readers only.

Deadly Justice (New Orleans Connection Series Book 6)

by Kathy Ivan

A quest for justiceâ?¦
After a devastating betrayal, ex-DEA agent Samuel “The Ghost” Carpenter devotes his life to searching for the person who cost him not only his job but nearly his life. When he discovers a link between the man he’s hunting and a beautiful executive assistant, he realizes the path to his target is seductionâ??a task he’s all too eager to undertake, since he can’t seem to resist the alluring beauty.

â?¦turns into a dangerous seduction.
Andrea Kirkland can’t fathom the sudden interest rich and powerful Samuel Carpenter’s showing, but she’s not stupid. He’s got a deeply-hidden agenda and she’s a means to an end. Except, she has secrets of her own, and despite their instantaneous chemistry, she’s not above using Carpenter to further her own vendetta.

On a whirlwind journey from Dallas to New Orleans, passion explodes between them. But when a murderer strikes, Carpenter must choose between his mission of vengeance or face losing the woman he loves to a vindictive madman hellbent on revenge.

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