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Recursion: Book One of the Recursion Event Saga

by Brian J. Walton


And more dangerous than ever…

The Interlopers are after me, my route home is compromised, half my team is missing, and someone is trying to destroy the past.

Paris, 1951 â?? Molly Gardner is an agent for the ISD, a secret government agency policing the time tunnels. The ISD protects the world from Interlopers, illegal travelers who exploit the tunnels for their own needs. Molly has always believed the ISD had ultimate control of the tunnels. But she’s wrong.

On a routine mission, Molly arrives to find her team scattered and her station burning, destroyed by a Recursion Event. New revelations send Molly on a desperate flight across Europe, pursued by a mysterious Interloper named Phaedrus.

Determined to learn the truth, and haunted by a tragedy from her past, Molly must choose between answers and the safety of the few remaining members of her team. But discovering the truth will change everything Molly thought she knew about her past, present, and future.

The Recursion Event Saga is a time travel thriller told chronologically in 5 parts, each taking you to unique settings, times, and characters. The Recursion Event Saga spans over a century, from 1950s Paris to a post-apocalyptic future, lives and fates collide in Molly’s desperate fight to hold together the threads of history, and to solve the riddle of her life. A war-correspondent searching for his dead wife, a young screenwriter with a love for the paranormal, a time-traveling double agent, and a girl who’s lived multiple lives â??all play a part in the century-spanning saga. â?¨


  •  Part 1 – Recursion
  •  Part 2 – Dispersion
  •  Part 3 – Incursion
  •  Part 4 – Recension (Coming Soon)
  •  Part 5 – Inversion (Coming Soon)

Escape through time. Read Recursion Book One of the Recursion Event Saga and begin fighting the Interlopers todayâ?¦ or yesterday.

What others are saying about Recursion.

“A suspense thriller that starts mid-action and doesn’t stop.”

– Author David Khalaf

“Mind-bending… backed up with excellent writing.”

– Author Philip Harris

Her Cyborg (Bound by Her Book 1)

by Nellie C. Lind


MedAct is the company that can make all your dreams come true! Just give them a call and let them create the perfect man for you. But remember, you can never give him up. It will kill him, literally.

Loneliness and failed relationships make Phoebe want a cyborg of her own. With him, she won’t ever be heartbroken again, but getting a cyborg isn’t easy. So when she turns to the medical and scientific company MedAct, she never expects to become one of the few people who pass their tests to be able to apply for one.

Now, months later, his creation is complete, and they’re about to come face to face for the very first time. The day she’s waited for has finally arrived, and it’s about to change everything.

The 28th Gate: Volume 1

by Christopher Dimond

The 28th Gate: Volume 1
Season 1, Episodes 1-6

With a stolen experimental starship and a pair of advanced synthetic limbs, Hunter isn’t an average bounty hunter.

When he accepted the job on a backwater planet, Hunter thought it would be easy. He and his partner just had to track down a missing researcher. But when they find her, she’s fled a quarter of the way around the massive 27-gate network and Hunter realizes all is not as he was told.
That simple realization, and Hunter’s drive for retribution, kick off a series of adventures leading to the most important discovery since the fall of the Gate Age-and put him in direct confrontation with the corp he’s been running from for the past 10 revolutions.

Set in a far distant future, The 28th Gate is a series of 36 novelettes, spread across three seasons, telling the story of Hunter’s struggles against the AAA corporation that created him. Each episodic novelette has the action, character, and plotting of a complete story all crammed into an espresso-like package, with each season chronicling a different arc in the overall epic.

Devils Demons and Dead Men: A LitRPG Thriller (Kings and Conquests Book 1)

by Shane Lochlann Black

By the time most people have heard of the newest multiplayer fantasy role-playing game Kings and Conquests, developer Fairly Unusual Games has been overwhelmed by a $200 million crowdfunding haul.

Founders Accounts are going to six-figure contributors. There is talk of an augmented reality mobile accessory app and 3D printable treasures that can be sold for real money. The hype is beyond belief. Gaming fans go berzerk.

With contributors and the media eagerly anticipating a release date announcement, Fairly Unusual’s stock suddenly and inexplicably plunges. CEO Garrett Wyland, once a darling of both Silicon Valley and Wall Street, is indicted by a federal Grand Jury for insider trading the day before his company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Less than 48 hours later, Wyland is shot and killed by officers of the Mississippi Highway Patrol attempting to execute a fugitive warrant. A briefcase full of cash, a fake ID and an airline ticket are found in his car.

Weeks pass.

With accusations flying, lawsuits being filed nationwide and revelation after revelation rocking the online and offline media, a fourth-rate host of a little-known game streaming channel receives an e-mailed gift marked “Kings and Conquests News” from one of his subscribers.

Thinking it’s some kind of prank, Jordan Hall opens it and discovers a Founder’s account login to a fully functional Kings and Conquests server, a 100-year pre-paid subscription and map coordinates marking a dangerously isolated in-game location labeled “Safekeep.”

The e-mail is from Garrett Wyland.

Portions of this novel were previously published under the title Overpowered: A LitRPG Thriller by Shane Lochlann Black.

The Dead Cat Paradox

by S.E. Rise

There are two things you may not understand as long as you are alive. The first being the reason they close your eyes when you die and the second is that God hates children that do not come inside when they are called.
Michael rode the lightning to an alternate reality where he swiftly escaped by dying again. Time and again it happens; with each electric ride his new reality becomes more horrific. His memories are being overwritten, he is haunted by the unforgiving dead and it is without a doubt shattering the very fabric of his mind. Michael is trapped in a paradox and until he can prove otherwise he is not really dead or alive.
The bluish-white worms crawl across the dead girl’s face; she points her little hand to the World Storm and says to him: “You Do Not Belong Here”. The World Storm beckons and Michael has no choice but to answer the call.
To escape the nightmare, Michael must open the cat’s proverbial box.

Eversong: The daughter of Chaos: Volume 1

by A. C. Salter

Elora’s past lies hidden in a web of lies and half-truths; secrets told to save the Earth from a dystopian future. But now the web is unravelling, and as the world around her descends into chaos and destruction, Elora is about to embark on a terrifying journey of discovery…

The gripping first volume in A.C Salter’s epic DAUGHTER OF CHAOS trilogy, EVERSONG marks the arrival of a major new storytelling talent.

‘A.C. Salter writes with the escapism of Harry Potter blended with the adventure of Phillip Pullman’s, His dark materials…’ Goodreads. 5/5

‘When the darkness whispers her name – Run!’

Deadly Cargo (Jake Mudd Adventures Book 1)

by Hal Archer


Former mercenary Jake Mudd travels the galaxy transporting goods to out of the way places. He operates under the radar to avoid enemies hellbent on settling old scores.

When a lucrative delivery gets hijacked, he goes after the package for the payoff he desperately needs.

With the help of his trusty blaster and an alien woman who stirs memories he’s traveled light years to forget, he sets out across a strange and treacherous world.

Tracking the cargo turns from difficult to perilous when he falls into the thick of a planetary struggle.

With more at stake than his life and the safety of his beloved ship, Jake fights to outrun and outgun the growing threats. But the worst threat of all may be the one he brought with him.


Forced Vengeance, Jake Mudd Adventures Book Two out June 27, 2017.
Heat Seeker, Jake Mudd Adventures Book Three â?? release date pending.
Broken Solace, Jake Mudd Adventures Book Four â?? release date pending.
Lost Humanity, Jake Mudd Adventures Book Five â?? release date pending.

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