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The Oregon Pursuit: Christian Western Historical (Window to the Heart Saga Spin-Off Book 1)

by Jenna Brandt

Surrender to destiny: a window to heart opens, when one door closes.

The Oregon Pursuit (Book 1 of spin-offs series) After Amelie Leclaire’s parents pass away in a tragic accident, she must return home to West Linn, Oregon to take over the family bakery. Amelie was training to be a midwife but must give up her plans in an attempt to provide a stable life for her younger sister. Pierre Girald, the Vidame of Demoulin, is traveling to West Linn on business. A chance meeting at the bakery and Pierre is instantly intrigued by the alluring Miss Leclaire, she on the other hand, is less impressed until she gets to know him. Through many trials and setbacks, will the couple be able to form a lasting relationship or will his past and her financial problems put an end to their potential?

Window to the Heart Saga: a recountal of the trials, adventures and relationships of the family and friends of Lady Margaret. The first three books detail her journey and book four focuses on the cousin of her best friend. The series has compelling themes of love, loss, faith and hope with a supremely gratifying conclusion in book 3 and 4.

Exceptionally sincere and wondrously engaging, The Oregon Pursuit shows the journey between letting go of a troubled past and finding new hope.

This sweet, clean book can be read on its own as a stand alone book or as part of the series.

Window to the Heart Saga

Book 1: The English Proposal
Book 2: The French Encounter
Book 3: The American Conquest

Book 1: The Oregon Pursuit
Book 2: The White Wedding (short story)
Book 3: The Christmas Bride (novella)
Book 4: The Viscount’s Wife

31 Days to a Greater Understanding of Money: 31 Day Devotional: Biblical Principles to Help You Get Out of Debt & Enjoy the Life God Has for You

by Karen Ford

31 Day Devotional

Does God care if you are prosperous? Do you struggle with your finances? How can you gain control of your money and live free from the stress of issues surrounding money?

Karen Ford, a master financial coach, takes economic principles from the Bible and presents them in an easy-to-follow, inspirational 31 day devotional. This material will help you get out of debt and enjoy the financial freedom God desires you to experience!

Meditation: How To Guide Your Life And Reach Your Goals: Meditation

by Sarah L Sabourin

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You’re about to discover life changing benefits of meditation and the powerful knowledge of how to turn your life around…
Have you reached the stage in life where you feel stuck? Perhaps you have a nice home. Perhaps you even have a job that you like, but life still seems to be letting you down. The problem is that you may have all of the material things, but unless you are happy in yourself, all of these things count for very little. That’s where meditation comes in. When you learn to step off the roundabout and take enough time daily to meditate, you change the course of your life.
Transformation may sound a little grand, but it’s actually easier to achieve than you may have imagined. When was the last time that you relaxed? How about the last time that you actually looked forward to doing something just for you? We go through our lives and often a lifestyle is a series of compromises. Along the way, we lose track of the goals that we once had, because life gets in the way. We stop seeing things clearly because there are too many responsibilities piled upon our shoulders.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Where Meditation comes From
  • Starting at the Beginning
  • What are your Goals?
  • Learning to Breathe
  • Types of Meditation for Beginners
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Letting Go
  • Commonly asked Questions on Meditation
  • And Much, much more!

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950 Quotes Of Peace And Love: Box Set: 950 Quotes In The Name Of Peace And Love By Mahatma Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa And Martin Luther King Jr

by George Matthews

This is a box set with no less than 950 quotes by religious and spiritual leaders that inspired the world in the name of peace and love. The people quoted in this book are: Mahatma Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa And Martin Luther King Jr. Enjoy!

The Mysteries of Impartation: producing after your kind

by Clement Tembo

Importation is the ability to transfer spiritual substances from one person to another through different ways and mediums. Now, this book highlights the different ways by which importation is achieved, which are of course the mysteries of impartation.
In dealing with importation, there is a principle that dictates that spiritual substances always move from the higher to the lower. Meaning that importation works along with leadership because when I talk about the higher, I mean to say those in authority. This book stresses on relationship between leadership and importation. It stipulates also on the importance of holiness in every leader’s life because whatever a leader carries, his members and followers will carry also. This is it works with both the spiritual and secular leadership. As trees produce after their kind, so are leaders.
This book in summery is about importation in relation with leadership.

Polarity Therapy With Pranic Energy Healing Box Set Collection

by Andreana Kasser

Polarity Therapy

Much the same as the earth itself, the human body has significantly more movement and action going on profound within it than the vast majority have thankfulness for. Subsequently, we have our own additional physical attractive fields, in spite of the fact that they are far weaker than the ones we typically connect with planets. Still, it is feasible for the human body’s attractive field to end up unequal, and individuals that are prepared in extremity treatment comprehend the significance of restoring this equalization to a characteristic state.

Pranic Energy Healing

Pranic recuperating is a type of treatment that is totally free of any material guide and worked similarly well either on contact or at a separation. This is known as the exploration of pranic recuperating. This prana can be controlled and coordinated to any piece of the body voluntarily for self mending. There is no treatment higher than pranic treatment. This pranic vitality can be exchanged starting with one body then onto the next for mending diseases and again prana can be restored and held for self. It is something like charging a battery and restoring the battery. It is an extraordinary science on the planet.

Amid the transfusion development of pranic vitality in the body, it can be recorded by machines, for example, an electroencephalogram or a polygraph. The variety and change of its responses, for example, heartbeat rate, heartbeat, pulse and the developments of cells in the mind can be observed. Researcher and specialist’s can explore and analysis in regards to the impact of development of pranic vitality or life power inside of the body.

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