Free sports Kindle books for 13 Feb 18

Walk With The Sun Till Ur Shadow Disappears: A Pilgrimage On The Camino de Santiago

by Terry McHugh

This is not just the story of a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Although the author does not labour the point, it is also about his journey back to his Catholic faith that had been on the back burner for many years, a journey that continued after his return to ‘the real world’ as he researched the content of his book and discovered more about the origin of the Camino.
Is it a religious book, no although there is an underlying theme. Is it a history book, no but the author does introduce the reader to a short background history of early Spain and a more detailed one of the Camino de Santiago. Is it a guide book, no but the prospective pilgrim may find it goes some way to help in organising a daily itinerary if they follow the advice of the title. Hopefully, the reader will find the history informative and the daily journal interesting.

De Cero A Profesional (Spanish Edition)

by Alexei Torres

Este libro es para personas que quieren incursionar en el mundo del fisicoculturismo, para ayudarlos a empezar con entrenamientos desde principiantes hasta profesionales con la mayor variedad de tecnicas, consejos y rutinas de entrenamiento necesarias para que puedan realizarlas de forma correcta.

Diaries of a Professional Gambler Volume 1: micro stakes PLO cash (mostly)

by Zak Young

Part of bringing your A game to the table is having a warm up and cool down period to your poker sessions. What I do is before each session carefully outline my goals and weaknesses I have to work on. At the end of the session I review interesting hands and do a brief recap of the session and whether or not I achieved my goals. This volume is a collection of my pre and post session notes, as well as hand review and analysis. If you have an interest in pot limit omaha strategy or more broadly how to improve as a poker player this work should appeal to you.

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