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by R. JAY

Please be aware, this essay contains less than 800 words.
I had hoped to offer this for free but a minimum price applies which cannot be by-passed in the long term.

But what price is freedom ?
Ask the inumerable martyrs and servicemen who have paid the price to attain that valuable blessing throughout history.

Your freedom.
Does it really exist?
Is it really yours to give away?

Are you prepared to stand up and fight for it?

Truth and Knowledge: Prelude to a Philosophy of Freedom (Rudolf Steiner’s Collected Works Book 3)

by Rudolf Steiner

This third volume of Rudolf Steiner’s Collected Works was originally his doctoral dissertation. Terse and to the point, it truly is a prelude to his later Philosophy of Freedom — indeed, one can sense an excitement of discovery that is absent in the latter work. This translation has been thoroughly reworked to make it conform to the late Ronald Brady’s masterful introduction, which provides a line-by-line commentary.

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