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Rachelâ??s Blessing (Love in South Africa Book 1)

by Ashley Winter

A South African adventure leads to a life-changing love.

Thirty-one year old Rachel Wright is thrilled to be getting married. Unfortunately, her fiancé does not share her enthusiasm.

When he suddenly breaks off their engagement, Rachel flees her native Britain for the South African savanna. Volunteering at a rural orphanage allows Rachel to clear her mind and have time alone with God. This rugged landscape brings blessed perspective and healing. The last thing on Rachel’s mind now, is romance.

And then she meets Eric, a local game ranger.

Adventurous, intriguing, and brave, Eric embodies the qualities Rachel admires most in a man. Their friendship takes a turn towards love, but too soon, Rachel must return home. She carries with her a secret that could derail both their lives.

When her secret becomes too much to bear alone, Rachel reaches out to Eric. Will he come to her rescue, or will her need send him running back to the savanna?

Book One in the Love in South Africa series, Rachel’s Blessing highlights real-life decisions in love, and God’s never-ending faithfulness towards His people.

Meditation: Beginners and Advances – A New Way of Finding Constant and Lasting Peace (Meditation, Stress, Beginners, Meditate, Happiness, Peace, Guide, Mindfulness)

by David Miller

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Meditation : for Beginners and Advanced

A New Way of Finding Constant and Lasting Peace

Meditation has been invariably described as a specific state of consciousness which attracts specific modes of perception. On the other hand meditation also has physical dimensions which are only coming to the fore through the work of committed enthusiasts. Moreover meditation is also a practice in as far as it requires the practitioner to undertake certain rituals and routines in order to achieve the desired state of mind.

Meditation involves exceptional training which harnesses the totality of the powers that a human brain can offer. Many who practice meditation have reported incredible advantages even though the benefits may not be obvious to others. This form of experience allows us to examine and acknowledge the complexities of our being while at the same time detaching from the distractions that are endemic of modern life. It must be said that meditation is not a new concept. What is new is the adaptation for our contemporary lifestyle.

Meditation allows a certain calmness and spirituality that is sadly lacking in many of the arenas in which we live our lives. The range and diversity of meditation practices can sometimes lead to confusion particularly if one is a novice. On the other hand such diversity may also provide opportunities for people to perceive and use meditation in ways that are very unique to them. This personalization is at the heart of the self-actualizing uptake of alternative therapies and spiritual paradigms.

Ultimately most people who think about meditation will immediately acknowledge its potential benefits in terms of aiding relaxation; harnessing new energies; a life force such as Prana or Qi; compassion/empathy for others; generosity/altruism; forgiveness/reconciliation; patience; and love in all its dimensions. These are things that are common to the modern existence and many people aspire to achieve them, albeit with mixed results. There is also a powerful argument for meditation on the basis that it is able to achieve concentration and focus; two things that are spectacularly lacking in contemporary existence.

What You Are Going To Learn

  • What Meditation Really is
  • The Religious-Spiritual Dimension of Meditation
  • Reconfiguration and Reinterpretation of Meditation
  • Learning and Practicing Meditation Today
  • Finding Your Inner Self
  • And Much More!

Meditation : for Beginners and Advanced


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