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Tracks in the Snow

by James Anthony Budzinski

A Christian Fiction romance Novella that features characters facing the challenges of life and love in today’s world regardless of their past.

A twenty three year old unwed mother finds herself out of a job with no more friends or family to help her through her struggles. Relying on the last few dollars of her welfare check to eat she sets off into a heavy snowfall pushing her five year old daughter in a stroller to buy food for the next couple of days. With heavy snow falling the roads are almost deserted when a young man driving home from work spots her walking and offers her a ride back home. When he learns of her situation and the fact her home has no heat or electricity he takes her and her daughter home for the holiday. Attempting to change the situation into a memorable holiday he goes a little too far in his efforts especially when her friends get involved. With feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy she fails to realize it is possible for him to love her and leaves to go home.

Set during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons. This story does include Christian references.

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