Free romance Kindle books for 14 Feb 18

A Heart Renewed (Madac Series Book 1)

by C Merlo

A former special-forces soldier and the university’s police chief, Tom is satisfied with the life he’s made for himself. Family, work, sports, and the outdoors fill his time. So what if he doesn’t date; he’s happy being single. That is until the day a man who ticks every box of his perfect partner checklist walks past him in the gym.

An esteemed plant physiologist, now a university professor, Chris is starting over to escape his mentally unstable ex. A new name, a new career, and a self-imposed moratorium on dating and relationships. Friendship is all he’s willing to offer. But this professor learns that some men, like some plants, are so unique and rare they should be identified as endangered species.

They’ll both learn, like plants, human hearts can be renewed by love.

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