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Suicidals Are the True Believers

by Sean Hall

Virtual lives of suicides lead to deception, death, and the philosophy that Suicidals are the True Believers.

Feeling depressed? Suicidal? In just a few hours’ time, you can Experience the world as someone else. You’ll be amazed by this intense virtual reality. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells. Taste the moment of death, and after your suicide, you’ll return to yourself again, having Experienced a Trip like no other. Your contributions and participation helps us find a cure for depression, and brings hope for the prevention of suicide.
How many people have we cured so far? Perhaps, you’ll be the first.

Chris goes on a Trip – an intense virtual reality of a life that ends in suicide. Back in the real world, he feels traces of the person he Experienced. He has dreams that are not his own. And he thinks he may have finally found Zen, in that moment of virtual death.
His brother, Dan, parties hard and brags about his latest Trip as a drug-addicted prostitute. But his next Experience leaves him humbled and unafraid to die.
Chris’s ex-girlfriend, Rockelle, has taken several Trips, and belongs to a secret club who call themselves – Suicidals are the True Believers.
Jealousy and anger push Chris to the edge. Maybe adrenaline and revenge are better than Zen.

Warning: Adult content including language, drug use, sexual situations, BDSM, violence, rape, murder, and suicide.

No Time: an apocalyptic survival thriller (180 Days and Counting… Series)

by B.R. Paulson

If you knew the end was here, who would you tell? Who would believe you?

In Cady’s case, no one would take her word at face value. Not anymore.

A microbiologist in another time and a prepper by choice, Cady hasn’t been in the science industry in years. She gave up a promising career to pursue life with her husband in the woods.

When Jackson, a man from her past, resurfaces with vague warnings and promises to uphold overzealous plans from their college days, Cady must remember the details or lose more than a friendship.

The entire human race stands in the balance.

With Jackson on one end of the ethical debate and Cady on the other, the release of a virus more deadly than any the world has seen can be any secondâ?¦ any secondâ?¦

Can Cady convince Jackson to stop? Or will she die with the rest of the population?

Grab this thriller and jump into the apocalypse. Hold your breath! Paulson will take you for a ride.

***BR Paulson Books***


No Time, bk 1

Last Chance, bk 2

Hold On, bk 3

Too Late, bk 4

Look Away, bk 5

Find Them, bk6

Try Hard, bk 7

Move On, bk 8

Fit In, bk 9

Death Days, bk 10

Long Gone, bk 11

No More, bk 12


Cost of Survival, bk 1

Exchange Rate, bk 2

Worth of Souls, bk 3

BoxSet books 1 – 3


Into the End, bk1

Through the Flames, bk 2

Out of the Ashes, bk 3

BoxSet books 1 – 3


Barely Alive, bk 1

Falling Apart, bk 2

Mostly Dead, bk 3

Viral Intent

BoxSet books 1 – 4


Memoirs of a Cannibal

Cannibal Holiday

Cooking with the Cannibal

Cannibal CookBook

Keeping up with the Cannibals

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