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Serena and Lazarus: A Catching Genesis Bonus Chapter

by Nicole Riddley

He’s too beautiful to be real. Is he my imagination or hallucination brought by the heavy smog?

When the Great Smog blanketed London, Serena’s fate takes a sudden turn. She is left alone when her parents met their untimely death and set to be married to her highest bidder, Mr. George Dungworth, a repulsive, forty-year-old goldmine.

Cooped up for days and itching for a run, she ventures into the woods and thereâ??at the edge of the forest, amidst the sea of fogâ?? she sees the image of perfection that would change her life forever.

The man from the woods. Lazarus Chevalier is neither human nor a werewolf. No, he is more than that. He is a lycan and he wanted her.

Will Serena, for once, defy the only family she has left and elope with a beautiful stranger?

Go back in time and discover the beginning of a love story that stood the test of time. Grab a copy now and fell in love with Serena and Lazarus once more.

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