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Cryptocurrency: What The World’s Best Blockchain Investors Know – That You Don’t

by Stephen Satoshi

Why do some people almost always make money in the cryptocurrency market?

You’ve probably seen Bitcoin prices fell by more than 50% since the start of the year.

You’re thinking that the market has seen its best days.

And there’s no more money to be made in crypto.

Well think again.

You see, cryptocurrency has been here before.

The market has seen big losses in small spaces of time.

But the major thing people overlook is, these losses are always followed by even bigger gains.

Because cryptocurrency now has more mainstream adoption than ever.

And what you may not know is, private investments in blockchain companies have increased by 800% in the past 12 months

Tech giants like Amazon may even launch their own cryptocurrency by the end of the year.

How do I know this? Because was registered by Amazon’s legal department in late 2017.

You see, the investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology go way beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum and even altcoins.

Traditional blockchain securities have huge opportunity, that almost no one is talking about.

And no, this is not just blindly throwing money at every individual stock with “blockchain” or “crypto” in the name – we won’t be repeating the mistakes we saw in the DOTCOM boom

In Cryptocurrency: What the World’s Best Blockchain Investors Know – That You Don’t you will discover:

  • Find out if you are paying as much as 50% more for Bitcoin than you should – Page 45
  • How this little known secret allowed one Wall Street fund to produce gains of 12% in a bad market – Page 35
  • The only place you can openly trade stocks and cryptocurrency side-by-side – Page 59
  • The 3 biggest red flags to watch out for before investing in an ICO – Page 29
  • The answer to the big Ethereum question investors have been asking – Page 42
  • How to invest in publicly traded blockchain companies, using your regular brokerage account – Page 73
  • What Bitcoin futures really mean for the market – Page 48
  • â?¦and much, much more

    Aren’t cryptocurrencies risky?

    Like any investment, they carry a certain amount of risk, but cryptocurrencies are now more legitimate than ever.

    Even JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who once called Bitcoin a “fraud” said he now “believes in the technology behind it.”

    In fact one Hedge Fund CEO was quoted as saying the “Cryptocurrency game hasn’t even started yet”

    And cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is making more new millionaires now, than any other field of investment.

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    Cryptocurrency: An Ultimate Concise Guide to Understanding Everything You Need to Know about Cryptocurrency

    by Scott Lewis

    Have you always wanted to know more about cryptocurrency but were afraid to ask simple questions?

    Are you a complete beginner and want to get more involved in the world of cryptocurrency but don’t know where to begin?

    Cryptocurrency: An Ultimate Concise Guide to Understanding Everything You Need to Know about Cryptocurrency by Scott N. Lewis is your ultimate guide to help get you started on your journey to learning more about cryptocurrency.

    The value of several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins have been rising and changing every day and with it is people’s interest in cryptocurrency. This book aims to help even a layman understand what cryptocurrency is and clear all the misconceptions and myths people have about it. Scott Lewis presents the topic of cryptocurrency in the most easy-to-understand manner without confusing and complex details to help you learn it quickly and efficiently.

    The first part of this book is going to explain to you the concept of cryptocurrencies. In general, you can understand cryptocurrencies as money that doesn’t have a centralized controlling system and only exists in the virtual world. This simple definition raises a lot of question, which is why the rest of the book will clarify all the basic queries you might have about cryptocurrencies, and then, we’ll talk about how cryptocurrencies work.

    We will also talk about some other important concepts related to cryptocurrencies – concepts like the Blockchain, smart contracts and decentralized applications. We will also take a look at all the uses of cryptocurrencies and how you can buy things using cryptocurrencies. More importantly, we will also look at how cryptocurrencies can be used to make money.

    To help you understand cryptocurrencies better, we’re going to look at how Bitcoin, the first and the most famous cryptocurrency, functions as an example. A major part of this book is focused on getting you familiar with Bitcoin since it’s the cryptocurrency that everybody has heard of. This doesn’t mean that other cryptocurrencies don’t exist or are not important – in the last section of the book, we will talk about other different cryptocurrencies and what benefits they can give you over other cryptocurrencies about investing, trading, etc.

    The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing and adapting. This book is the ultimate guide to help bring you into the world of cryptocurrency and into the future.

    Blockchain: The Complete And Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technologies (Blockchain Books, Blockchain Technology Explained, Blockchain Programming, Blockchain Programming)

    by Adrian McNulty

    Here Is The Complete, Updated and Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Blockchain Technologies For Beginners!

    The blockchain is probably best known as the technology that cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) are based on. But in fact a blockchain can serve a far greater variety of purposes. A blockchain is, broadly speaking, a decentralized, permanent ledger of data or assets. The blockchain traces the transfer or exchange of those assets, and by extension, it traces the transactions between its users.

    Blockchains can be used to perform all the same transactions that any other system would allow, but the blockchain has the added benefit of being faster, more reliable, more open, more secure, and less costly to administer than typical options. Individuals would once have to manage records of their transactions and interactions manually, and build up their own network of trust.

    For example, your bank may keep all of your debit transactions on file, but may only provide the last few months or years of transactions through their web interface, meaning you either have to continuously download your transaction record, save all of your bank statements, or visit the bank to get a detailed record. But in a blockchain, all of these records would always be visible to you immediately, reliably, and securely.

    Furthermore, certain users would need to have certain privileges and permissions to oversee and approve the transactions before the transactions were completed. But in the blockchain, all of this authorization and trust is done in the ledger. In other words, in a blockchain, the data is doing the work of the people.


    Here’s what you’ll find inside the book:

    • What Is the Blockchain
    • History of the Blockchain
    • Reasons to Use a Blockchain
    • The Blockchain in Detail
    • Potential Applications
    • Blockchain Projects
    • Blockchain Security
    • Future of the Blockchain
    • Blockchain Platforms


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    CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to deliver world class healthcare to your employees at half the cost

    by Dave Chase

    Most CEOs, HR leaders, and others have been led to believe that controlling health benefits costs isn’t possible. The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream shows how this just isn’t true. It’s an inside look into how public and private employers and unions across the U.S. are reducing their spending by 20% or more, while improving care quality and access, by taking control of the purchasing process, aligning economic incentives, and applying simple, practical, and proven approaches.

    The book opens the door to learning from these top performing benefits purchasers. It’s built on the the real-life examples and successes of top performers across sectors, a field guide for how CEO’s and HR leaders can improve their bottom line while improving their employees’ own bottom line and health.

    Divorce, Drinking and Dating: The no-fail process to find out who you really are, find your own freedom, and have a few laughs along the way

    by Danielle Prahl

    For the woman inside of you who longs for freedom

    You know those perfect people who always have their shit together? Yeah. That’s not me. Hell, I married a con man who had lied to me for seven years, and I didn’t even know it until he landed himself in prison. True story.

    In fact, all of this is true: my ultra-luxury life with a man who was lying to me, waking up homeless and without a cent in the bank, falling into a habit of drinking, and dating ridiculous men. But, the good news is that I eventually discovered my own power and took control of my life.

    I can’t promise that after reading this you will know everything and be on your way to miraculous riches and the best relationships or whatever. I can promise, though, that this book is brutally honest. Through a path of self-discovery, I took an experience that could have devastated me and used it to launch myself into a life I couldn’t even have dreamed of. I want to share that with you so you can find the courage to create a better life for yourself (you know, the kind you really wantâ?¦.).

    You can truly be, do and have anything in this world. You are not a mistake. I hope that my suffering, my crazy and wild stories, my heartbreak, and my victory will leave you with some wisdom that you can use for yourself to find your own freedom.

    Human Resources – The Inconsiderate Truth: A Satirical Look into the World of HR

    by Stephen Campbell

    Depending on who you ask, the term “Human Resources” can muster a volatile range of responses – from words like “empathize, nurture and counsel,” to “apathetic, antagonize and alienate.” Often times, all these can be used to describe the same HR professional.

    Why is this the case? Are all HR professionals just that temperamental? Why yes, many are indeed. But wouldn’t you be too if you had to constantly walk the extremely fine line between employee advocate and corporate cheerleader – all the while having responsibility to organize the company picnic and confront the employee observed masturbating at work?

    As an HR professional, your work is never doneâ?¦right. Over the course of your career, you will regularly encounter adversaries challenging nearly every decision you make. At the same time, your company’s senior leadership will set unobtainable performance objectives for HR that will lead you to question your career choice on a daily basis. Oh yesâ?¦one more thing – you as HR will feel the wrath for any perceived problem within your organization related to the workforce. From low employee engagement scores to high turnover rates, you will undoubtedly bear much of the blame.

    With a Master’s of Human Resources and Industrial Relations (MHRIR) degree and eighteen years of multi-faceted HR experience, author Stephen Michael Campbell originally set out to once-and-for-all resolve the enduring disconnect between the often misguided perception of HR and the true, innate value of this disparaged field.

    Unfortunately – despite numerous attempts – he reluctantly reached the conclusion that this feat was perhaps impossible for any one person to achieve. Instead, Stephen chose to share a number of his real life experiences through the guise of an imaginary company, Enditall Medical Supplies, Inc., as well as offer up the fictitious professional society – HRPES – to assist those HR folks still in the trenches (believing that their life’s chosen work actually makes a positive impact for the employees they support).

    While Stephen’s satirical journey into the world of HR will no doubt lead to sporadic laughs, a few tears and a newfound appreciation for the miracle of life, his literary work will most ironically only strengthen the opinion that HR is nothing more than a necessary evil in today’s business landscape.

    Please join Stephen in delving into the realm of HR from an insider’s perspective…

    Recent reviews of “Human Resources: The Inconsiderate Truth” include:

    Critics and cynics alike have widely proclaimed “Human Resources: The Inconsiderate Truth” to be a real game changer. Heralded as a “must read” for HR people and non-HR folks alike, this is one book you simply cannot afford to overlook. Buy yourself a copy today and discover what it truly means to be happy. Want to be someone’s hero? Buy a second copy for a friend and you will both have a better life for it.

    – The Author

    As an HR executive with a Fortune 500 company, my job can be extremely stressful at times. I purchased “Human Resources: The Inconsiderate Truth” with the belief that through gaining a deeper insight into my profession, my life at work would become a little easier – perhaps just a bit more bearable.

    I was wrong.

    – Ann Nonimus

    With my hectic work schedule and busy social life, reading just isn’t always a priority for me. If I were ever to pick up a book though, “Human Resources: The Inconsiderate Truth” may very well be that one.

    – Reed N. Little

    A colleague of mine recommended I read “Human Resources: The Inconsiderate Truth” to gain a better perspective into what the HR professionals go through at our company. I can now say that I actually feel sorry for what I’ve put these folks through over the years. I’m kidding – I still don’t care for HR people and now I find myself even disliking my colleague for wasting my time with this nonsense.

    – Rick O’Shea

    How to get RICH comfortable QUICK!! again – A guide to f*****g up and muddling through. (Making ends meet Book 1)

    by Ollie Smith

    Are you caught in a rut? Are you over 18? Are you in debt?

    If you fit this criteria, then this is the book for you.

    This book details a formula to get yourself debt free and further your financial status in a world where we are governed by banks and burdened with debt.

    The Salesmanâ??s Guide to Dating: A Sales Book About Making Connections… With an Unexpected Twist!

    by David Masover

    Why is sales so hard? It’s just talking to people, so what’s the big deal?

    For most people, sales and dating are both hard – and for the same basic reason.

    Talking to someone when we are hoping for a specific outcome is much more than “just talking”. Our desire for a specific outcome makes a huge difference in how we think about it, feel about it, and perform during the communication.

    So what can we do to be more effective when we want to have a conversation that leads to a certain outcome?

    There is no trick, but there is a winning methodology
    There are no guarantees or sure-fire tricks to ensure that any specific conversation will end the way you want it to, but if you want to improve your chances that over the course of many conversations you will increase your odds of getting the results you want – then having a system helps – a lot.

    But what does dating have to do with sales?
    Sales and dating are both about making connections and building on them. There are – of course – many differences, but also some similarities that can be learned from – in both directions.

    Blending together ideas about dating in the context of selling, and selling in the context of dating, The Salesman’s Guide to Dating is a short, fun blend of these two connection-building activities.

    In other words, this little book will show you how to start your connection-making and connection-building efforts the right way, and to follow that right way through to the end – whatever your desired end result might be.

    What exactly will I learn from the book?

    • How to find the best places to look for the right potential connections
    • How to reach out to those connections in a way that starts you out on the “right foot”
    • How to make sure early on that both of you feel that it’s worth the time to get to know each other
    • How to learn what the other person is looking for, and to establish yourself as the person to get that from
    • How to make suggestions for moving forward together that are more likely to succeed
    • How to respond to questions, concerns and other forms of reluctance
    • How to set up success – however you define it – by following the right path to get there from the start

    By the end of the book, you will see how – in certain ways – sales and dating have a lot in common. More importantly, you will be able to see a path to success in both sales and dating that is clear, holistic, and actionable.

    Find what you are looking for
    Whether you are looking for love or looking to make quota – by the time you are done with the book, you will know what you need to do to reach the results you are after, and the steps you need to take to get there.

    About the author:
    David Masover was not a natural born salesperson. In fact, he completely bombed in his first two sales jobs. But sales was the first job that Masover failed at, and he was unwilling to let selling beat him, so he did what the son of a scientist should do. He studied and he experimented.

    Over the course of a few years and a few jobs, Masover created systems and tested ways of executing and organizing his sales work. His results began to improve, and while sales is never easy, using his methodology, selling became systematic. Over time, Masover began managing, training, consulting, blogging and writing based on these tried and true organic methods. The result is a proven sales methodology designed to empower anyone with the will to invest the effort to succeed in sales.

    Masover is an Amazon Kindle best selling author of books on sales and sales management and is a co-founder of, the world’s largest online seller of promotional products, Masover is currently engaged in private sales coaching, consulting, blogging, speaking and writing.

    Interview Questions: The Ultimate Guide For Employers And Future Employees

    by M.H. Khan

    One in five people are looking for a job and according to the U.S. Department of Labor the average number of people who apply for any given job is 118. Only twenty-percent of those applicants get an interview. On the other side of the equation, the price of a bad hire is at least thirty percent of the employee’s first-year earnings.
    Are you one of the potential employees who doesn’t get the job, or are you hiring employees that don’t end up being the right candidate? Then this book is tailored for you.

    The interview process can be very difficult to grasp due to numerous varying factors. If the employer is not asking the right questions or if the Interviewee is not providing the most accurate answer than both parties have wasted time and money. There are numerous myths as to what are great questions to ask and what answers are the most acceptable. In the this book you will learn:

    The Interviewer
    -Get To Know Your Interviewee
    -Uncover their Background
    -Find out if they fit in the Company Culture
    -Is there working style compatible
    -Initiative and Motivation they actually have

    The Interviewee
    PART II: The Interviewee
    -How to Prepare
    -Craft the perfect interview
    -Be Memorable so they remember you
    -Follow-up Questions you should be asking

    Make the interview process a successful and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate, this book will be a asset worth every penny.

    Dropshipping: Escape The 9-5 And Live Like a Rockstar, Beginners Guide To A Successfull Dropshipping Ecommerce Business Today

    by Gonçalo Hoshi

    From choosing the right product to advertising it profitably Dropshipping: Escape the 9-5 and Live Like A Rockstar will give you everything that you need to get started selling online.

    You’ll learn everything I learned after spending thousands upon thousands on dropshipping. This way you won’t have to make the same mistakes as I did with dropshipping.

    This is book will go through all the basics of dropshipping and what you need to know to get started with dropshipping today.

    If dropshipping is something you would like to give a go then this book is for you.

    What you’ll learn in Dropshipping: Escape The 9-5 And Live Like a Rockstar

    – What is dropshipping
    – How dropshipping works
    – How to choose a business name for your dropshipping store
    – The tools needed to succeed with your dropshipping business

    And much, much moreâ?¦

    Who this book is for

    – Entrepreneurs
    – People getting started with dropshipping
    – People looking for a way to work from home
    – Those who want to escape the 9-5


    Making Money Part-Time Business: Creating a Side-Business Through Self-Publishing, China Importing or Teespring Tshirt Company

    by Gerald Hostein

    Here are Step by Step Methods of Making Money Online & Creating a Six-Figure Business in One Year or Less


    Here’s what you will discover:

    – How to choose a topic that you’re already good at… even if you don’t know it yet!
    – How to find a market that is guaranteed to give you at least 3 sales per day or an extra (minimum of) $200 per month per book.
    – How to research a topic that you know nothing about and be better than 90% of the market in just a few hours of reading
    – The 5 best tips I can give you so you can finish your book fast
    – How to hire someone to finish your book cover for you and how to get the best ideas for him to get inspiration from
    – How to upload your book from start to finish!
    – How to choose the best price for your book
    – How to properly execute the KDP Promotion and maximize the 5 FREE promotion days

    – A 3 step process that will help you go from newbie to a full-time product importer
    – How to find the best products to import
    – How to confirm the product market size and easily know if it’ll make money or not
    – How to find a supplier with the best quality products
    – How to evaluate the suppliers and avoid scam forever
    – How to negotiate the minimum order quantity and the price of your chosen product
    – How to write a sales letter for your products
    – How to create listing that converts into sales

    – A step by step method of making money via teespring
    – How to get started and learn the basics of selling tees online
    – How to find the best sports team or sports figures to promote
    – How to find the best designers for as cheap as possible…without sacrificing quality
    – How to set up your sales page
    – How to advertise on Facebook without wasting money
    – The best tips to follow so you can grow your business into a full blown full-time income source


    If you’re an action taker and you’re now ready to make extra money while working from home, then this book bundle is for you.

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    GOALS AND YOU: 3 Simple Steps To Set And Achieve Big Goals Without Stress (Goal setting, Self-discipline, Motivation, Focus, Success, Thinking)

    by John Ivan

    Discover How To Set And Achieve Your Big Goals Always, without stress

    Have you been struggling year by year, month by month and day by day to set and achieve your goals? You have a big dream and wish you can do something to make it happen but you never succeed. Every year, you make new resolutions and decide what you want to accomplish but you never get there. Most likely, your problem is that you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

    The process of goal setting helps you to decide how to live your life, where you want to be, and how you want to be in the near future. One factor to consider in goal setting is the time frame of the goals. There are goals that may be achieved only on a short-term basis; there are those that require long-term period. Short term goals are suitable for plans that do not create a huge impact on your life while long term goals are intended for a future involving career, family, relationship with people, and way of living.

    Regardless of whether you’re just beginning, or you’ve made a high money related arrangement that you are making remarkable strides towards accomplishing, knowing how to make the diversion winnable and accelerate your advance will take years off the time it takes to accomplish your goals. This is why you need this book urgently!

    Here is what you will learn in this book

    • How to define your goals
    • Why you must write down your goals to achieve them
    • Why believing in yourself is important in achieving your goal
    • What to do to believe in yourself
    • Why you must act daily towards your goals
    • How to exercise discipline in pursuit of your goals
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    Pinterest for Authors: Use Pinterest to Find New Readers and Sell More Books

    by Mark J Dawson

    There’s world of opportunity out there for authors on Pinterest if you know how to use it.â?©

    Many authors have a limited or zero marketing budget – which is why it’s a great time to learn about Pinterest and how you can use it to increase exposure and sales. Best of all, every author can use Pinterest for free. There’s no need to pay for advertising to get results using Pinterest.

    In this instructional guide Mark Dawson (bestselling thriller author) and Pinterest guru Pip Reid set out the straight forward steps necessary to turn Pinterest into a revenue generating platform for you.

    College To Job: 8 Steps To Career At World’s Best Companies As a Fresh Graduate

    by Victor Butman

    How to Get a Job After College: The Practical Guide

    Congratulations! You’ve graduated college, and are ready to enter your chosen field. So…now what? Do you know how to navigate the daunting application and interview process? If you’re unsure of what to do next, you need College To Job: 8 Steps To Career At World’s Best Companies As a Fresh Graduate! College to Job is the definitive guide to job searches, internships, interviews, resume writing, and more.

    Author Victor Butman shares real life experience in this easy to follow guide of the steps needed to secure a top position in any career. After going through the complete recruitment process at 15 top companies such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, BCG, A.T. Kearney, Mars, G.E., and Coca Cola, he was offered the position he went after by three of them. In College to Job, Butman takes his experiences and offers them up, along with insider information, in a practical how-to guide.

    Unlike similar books, College to Job does not just offer a list of interview questions, tips and tricks for resumes, or job searches, but gives complete how-to steps and tried and true strategies for performing at the level needed to succeed. Each chapter focuses on one step of the recruitment process, giving you the skills you need to successfully apply for a position.

    Learn how to tailor cover letters for any position, and how to write a resume that stands out from the hundreds of others received for every open position. Read about successfully obtaining internships, how best to answer the wide range of interview questions you’ll likely be asked, and how to navigate the series of interviews you’ll sit through, be it over phone/Skype, in-person, or a performance interview.

    Get the job you’ve always wanted by following the strategies, tips, and examples found in College to Job. Thousands of books are available on how to get a job, but only College to Job gives you the whole picture with everything you need to know based on author Victor Butman’s personal experiences. Don’t wait to succeed! Order your copy of College to Job today!

    The Way of Effortless Leadership: Ancient Secrets on Cultivating a Culture of Trust, Engagment and Flow

    by K.G. Johnston

    This book takes you on one man’s journey to follow a dream, and the unexpected and paradoxical lessons he gleaned about leadership along the way.

    Are you a leader who feels that lately, something just isn’t right?

    • -Are your people distrustful and disengaged?
    • -Does much of what you implement fail because of lack of employee buy-in?
    • -Do you resort to using your position to force employee adoption of change?”
    • -Do you and or your people lack energy, self-expression and vibrant health?
    • -Has leading lost its fun?
    • -Do ideas and information fail to flow up to you?
    • -Are there a lot of internal politics and lack of collaboration?
    • -Are people not performing up to their potential?
    • -Do you sleep poorly at night? Is stress having repercussions on your health?
    • -Do you hear yourself uttering “it’s not personal, it’s just business” (but not buying into it) to justify your actions?

    So, “What’s in it for me?” (and your people) you ask.

    • -A simple, relaxed and effortless way to achieve results
    • -Greater trust and harmony
    • -More efficiency
    • -Greater effectiveness
    • -Better communication
    • -Improved engagement
    • -Greater productivity
    • -More creativity and innovation
    • -Better acceptance and resilience to change
    • -Less stress
    • -Peace of mind
    • -More self-awareness
    • -Positive energy and good vibes
    • -More enjoyment at work

    WHAT is going on?!

    • -Employee engagement has remained flat despite billions spent.
    • -Up to 80 plus percent of change initiatives fail.
    • -Many of our products and services damage our environment.
    • -Productivity gains are hard to achieve.
    • -Mental disability claims are skyrocketing.

    Are people lazy, crazy, or incompetent? Orâ?¦ is something larger happening?

    K.G. draws from his training in human resources and his time as a consultant and coach in the people-side of change. He noticed that the rush of business DOING was not synonymous with effectiveness, and many leaders unconsciously cultivated an unhealthy culture of distrust and disengagement. Exceptional leaders focused on how they were BEING with their people. He realized that leaders define what we see as possible, and that for meaningful change to occur, we must help those in charge transform.

    K.G. suggests that conventional business wisdom is NOT wise because it is based on a faulty paradigm. He looks to science, ancient wisdom and the natural world for answers.

    This simple three-part transformational ecosystem “model” shows the leader (within all of us) how to do important internal work to cultivate their own energy, character and vision and then how to energize their culture and empower their people. His work is informed by his practical knowledge of eastern philosophy gained through teaching tai chi chuan and practicing yoga.

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