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Ancient Egypt: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Egyptian Mythology, and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating and sophisticated civilizations in the known history. The Ancient Egyptians are remembered by their gods, pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, hieroglyphs, agriculture and much more.

This book reveals the secrets of the captivating world of Ancient Egypt, the intriguing stories of its celebrities, such as the Akhenaten, Ramses the Great, Queen Cleopatra, and the boy-king Tut. You’ll learn about mighty gods and the magical link between the Sun and the people of Egypt, and explore the horrendous burial rituals that warranted a safe path to the afterlife. Find out the secrets of one of the most magnificent societies that ever existed and discover why it still manages to seize the attention of the world.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

  • Who Were Ancient Egyptiansâ??Their Origins, History, and Geography
  • Who Held the Power: The Social Structure of Ancient Egypt
  • Kings and their Military Power
  • The Magnificent Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and Their Empire
  • The Decay and End of the Egyptian Civilization
  • A Romance, Politics, and Tragedy: The Story of Cleopatra VII
  • The Religion, Mythology, and Rituals of Ancient Egyptians
  • Funerary Beliefs and Rituals: Mummification and Afterlife
  • The Architecture of Ancient Egypt: Temples and Pyramids
  • And much more!

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Music that You Need to Know Before You Die: 1960s

by David Drake

This Book is a list of artists and songs that you just have to hear before you die. In the age of crappy pop nonsense, This is a list of the true greats that everyone should know and their names should appear on everyone’s playlists and their songs should be listened too all of the time. The book also has some summaries about the artist’s and my personal pick of what is their best song. I’m a firm believer that I’m not the only one that feels that there is a lot of Music Now but very little good Music and I just wanted to educate a little and show that there is still good music out there, you just have to go look for it. This Book was my way of giving you a helping hand so I decided to do a series of books that go through the decades starting in the 1960’s and going all the way through to the present day. In my humble opinion I’ve put down quite a list, a list you won’t be disappointed with. And a list of artists I’m sure not all of you have heard of them and that’s the point of this book to educate and help people find some great music and a little musical knowledge too thrown in for good measure. Well I hope you like my Book and the Books in the rest of the series. If you could please write a review, to give me critiques on what I can improve or anything else it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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