Free philosophy Kindle books for 15 Feb 18

Mind Games: 25 Thought Experiments to Ignite Your Imagination

by Todd William

One of the largest leaps in scientific understanding in the last 200 years began as a thought experiment – when Einstein imagined the implications of riding a beam of light. Since that time, thought experiments have continuously been used to explore theories, explain concepts, and to engage imaginations.

Thought Experiments cater to the curious. Within a science lab, you’re limited by things like physical space, money, and ethics. In your mind, you are not limited at all. Thought Experiments keep you mentally sharp by giving your mind a workout and challenging you to constantly think. They provide a manner to make complicated concepts more approachable, and help you to examine the consequence of ideas from various perspectives, Perhaps best of all, when done right, the best Thought Experiments will blow your mind.

MIND GAMES is a collection of 25 ORIGINAL thought experiments spanning a host of topics – including science, mathematics, morality, social and personal concepts, and many other intriguing ideas.

Aimed at anyone with an interest in taking ideas and expanding them in fascinating and often mind blowing ways, MIND GAMES will stretch your imagination and fill it with intrigue.

En torno a la libertad: Lutero, Loyola, Bergson (Xipe totek 104) (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Manzano Vargas

A 500 años de los inicios de la Reforma luterana, en este número 104 de la revista Xipe totek presentamos un conjunto de tres ensayos dedicados a exponer y analizar aspectos relevantes de la vida y doctrina de Martín Lutero. Asimismo, presentamos ahora el capítulo noveno de la investigación de Jorge Manzano sobre la filosofía de Henri Bergson, quien en esta ocasión analiza la marcha del élan vital, y también publicamos una última conferencia de la V Semana del Humanismo y las Humanidades en la Tradición Educativa de la Compañía de Jesús que giró en torno al centenario de la Constitución mexicana.

The CUT Tax: A Look at Replacing the Income Tax System

by Jeffrey Schaben

What if government functioned as a business?

You are saying this is impossible. However, I contend it already does. And its stock price is the value of its currency. Its value is measured and traded locally, and internationally. And yes, we still do have a strong corporation as valued around the world, our money is accepted everywhere, and it value is generally stronger than all of our strongest rivals. Even the trend against the EU currency has seen the dollar strengthen in the past ten years. So, even with our dysfunctional management team, our currency is still seen as the best investment globally.
So why not treat our currency as a product, and assess a fee? Instead of the complicated, arbitrary, and outdated Tax Code?

The CUT (Currency Use Tax) is a look at the viability of replacing the Income Tax code with a simple fee on the conversion of your own personal commodities, into a globally accepted marker of trade. Then government can function as a business, instead of a feudal system of trading favors and power.

Consider this, after the current round of Tax cuts, that cut the repatriation of money made overseas from 35% to 16%. Many companies announced bringing back profits made overseas, with Apple reporting that they will bring back $200 Billion. What would it be like if the Tax Rate was under 5%? And not just for a limited time, but continually? Could we become the Tax Haven of the globe and still have tax revenues that would be the envy of the world?

The CUT Tax will be a controversial tax for many reasons, and you may or may not agree with it. However, I feel this tax is inevitable. Someday, a form of this tax will be enacted. The question is when and how? Therefore, it is in your best interest to try to educate yourself on this concept, It is my hope that this book will help you to understand this and other tax issues, and the impact tax issues have on your life. Thank You for your time and consideration.

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