Free poetry Kindle books for 15 Feb 18


by Jasmine Smith

a collection of modern poetry surrounding the most vulnerable time – post-breakup. follow the journey of hurt on the road to recovery


by Phoenix

wherein I say nothing
there is nothing for me
to say
or feel
or be

I am
I guess that’s why I have
a book of poems
I am wordless
I guess that is why I am


A Book About You: A Heart’s Journey to Love

by Tonio

What is it that causes joy and sadness? What is it that can command our minds, as well as our bodies? What can we always remember and yet struggle to forget? It’s LOVE and the power that lies within it. Love is a universal force that we experience from birth with our mothers, until the death of a life partner. A Book About You: A Heart’s Journey to Love, is a conduit to that special time in your life. It’s a journey through your heart that will help you reconnect with those special moments, as well help you find solace and healing when love caused you pain. In only the way love can.

Through A Book About You, you can journey along with the author as he explores his encounters with the most important aspect of the human existence. Love. Use his experiences to reexamine your own personal stories of tingly heights, and crippling lows. Reconnect with the one, never forgotten. Mend a connection lost by the hands of fate. Or take that last step to resolution, acceptance, and advancement to the future.

This book is about life. About love. About you.

From: Nothing To: Nobody

by Nathan Corporeal

Poetry and its questions.

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