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The Lost Marine: The Trellon Adventures Book 1

by DN Farrell


Super-fast paced space fleet/marine action!

Colonel Henry Kell, head marine in the Galactic Federation for Autonomous Species (GFAS) Expeditionary Force in the Kolatian Qudrant, was in for a hard week and he knew it. Kell and two thousand marines were sent to the planet Exugenes to retake it from the Vis Yar rebels who had just taken over the planet. According to all Intel they were poorly armed and poorly resourced, so it should be a cake walk. Kell had heard that line before and knew it to be BS, but even he was about to be in for a big surpise!

Surprise resistance and an emergency extraction would just be the beginning of a really tough week for Colonel kell. Follow Kell as he deals with all sorts of nastiness, in an effort to survive the week from hell!


Overview of the Trellon Adventures


The Lost Marine is the first part in the series entitled the Trellon Adventures. The Trellon Adventures is set in a distant part of our actual universe (The Scutum Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy), in a place known as the Kolatian Qudrant, a crazy war like place where everything can and does happen, in the distant  future (thirty fifth century).


The Galactic Federation of Autonomous Species (GFAS) has been sent there to uphold the Treaty of San Orara, which had been signed a few years earlier, in an effort to prevent the Argillean war (a war between the Analusian Alliance and the Galbraggian Empire, which had been raging for three hundred years! ) from spreading across the galaxy.


The GFAS expeditionary fleet where in for a big surprise, as they found themselves been mutually hated by all stake holders and in the Trellon Adventures series (named after Commander Jack Trellon, the commander of the Byrant Super Cruiser), we get to follow the exciting adventures of the Bryant and its crew, as they face all sorts of crazy odds, to both prevent the expeditionary force from been slaughtered  and prevent the Argillean War from spreading chaos and anarchy across the entire galaxy!


If you would like to learn more about the Trellon Advenures then take a look at some blog posts on my website


UFOs: The most compelling evidence ofâ?? extraterrestrial & alien abductions, ever documented (UFO nonfiction, Dimensional, government secrets, area 51)

by Robert Weaver

Uncovered Unbelievable Real Evidence!

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In 1960, astronomer Frank Drake put together an equation which was supposed to calculate the probability of alien existence. His experiment focused on the number of life-supporting planets, and how many of them are able to host intelligent life. The result came forth and estimated that there are dozens of planets that exist and that communication from those planets can be picked up.

In UFOs: The most compelling evidence of-extraterrestrial & alien abductions, ever documented author Robert S Weaver, Goes in depth with evidence from many astronauts, astronomers, eyewitnesses and police reports. What he uncovers that will keep you looking up at the skies in fear.

In 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong and fellow Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin reported back to have seen odd alien creatures. NASA tried to keep it secret, but the information leaked when the communication between the astronauts and NASA was published. In the audio communication to NASA, you can hear the fear and disbelief in the two astronaut’s voices. Armstrong recalled that their spaceships were superior to the Apollo 11’s. New evidence has been piling up supporting this theory. Download UFOs: The most compelling evidence of-extraterrestrial & alien abductions, ever documented to get the full story.

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