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Pferdeleckerlis selber machen: 21 gesunde Rezepte zum einfachen nachmachen + 3 BONUS-Rezepte (German Edition)

by Ann-Kathrin Müller

Hast du deine Pferdeleckerlis schon mal selbst gemacht?

Es ist gar nicht so schwer, wie du dir vielleicht vorstellen magst!
Ganz im Gegenteil, es kann dir und deinem Pferd eine Menge Freude bereiten wenn du wei�t, was deinem Liebling besonders gut schmeckt. Der Zeitaufwand ist wirklich gering und du kommst in den meisten Fällen sogar billiger weg!

Du hast die volle Kontrolle!
Heutzutage können sich Pferdebesitzer kaum noch wirklich ein klares Bild von einem Fertigprodukt und dessen Inhaltsstoffe machen. Die Rezepte beinhalten ausschlie�lich natürliche, gesunde & artgerechte Zutaten, die dein Pferd fressen darf und ihm oder ihr sogar noch gut tun!

In diesem eBook erhältst du 21 Leckerlirezepte für die Zubereitung von:

  • Kugeln
  • Muffins
  • Keksen
  • Riegel
  • Sticks
  • und Pizza!

Au�erdem erfährst du am Ende in einer Liste, wie die einzelnen Zutaten auf deinen Vierbeiner wirken und wann du sie nicht verfüttern solltest!

BONUS: Du erhältst zusätzlich 3 Rezepte, mit denen du ebenfalls ganz easy dein Mash selbst zubereiten kannst!

Info: Du benötigst kein Kindle um das eBook anzusehen. Für Smartphones und PC’s gibt es extra eine Kindle-App!

How To Start A Bike Shop: Complete Details For Building a Successful Bicycle Store From Scratch Even If You Have Little Money, Time, or Experience.

by Jeff Napier –

Why on earth would anyone want to start a bicycle store? Perhaps because. . .

* You get to be your own boss. You set the rules. You make and benefit from your decisions.

* You can make more money than most company employees.

* You will have a business with unlimited growth potential.

* You represent a good product. Bicycles are certainly earth-friendly. A human being on a bicycle is the most energy efficient machine on earth in terms of energy spent for mass moved. A human on a bicycle is also the most efficient animal on earth. Bikes play a central part in childhood, giving kids their first opportunity to expand out into the world, learning to be accountable for their own actions, pride and responsibility of ownership, and even mechanical skills.

* As a retailer, you meet lots of people and have wonderful conversations.

* You gain the esteem of being a business owner.

* You get to play with inventory management. This is a bit like stamp collecting. You manage an ever-growing collection of bikes, parts and accessories, and get to profit from ‘trading’ them.

* If you wish, you can participate in the rewarding craft of bicycle repair.

* As the owner of a bike shop, you have the opportunity to branch out. You can manage a fleet of bicycles for package delivery or rental. You can build custom human-powered machines. You can teach bicycle repair. You can lead tours or sponsor races. Your bicycle shop can even become the stepping stone to philanthropic pursuits.

* Your shop can be your legacy. It can outlive you, being something that can be sold, or passed on to your children.

This book is for anyone who is considering starting a bicycle store, and may be surprisingly profitable for people who already own one. By reading this book, you can avoid the pitfalls many of us had to blindly fall into, and enjoy building a bike shop easily and profitably, even if you’re starting with little, time, money or experience. Have fun and prosper, – Jeff Napier, author

Brett Favre: The Inspiring Story of One of Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks (Football Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Inspiring Story of the Green Bay Packers’ Legendary Quarterback Brett Favre!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Brett Favre: The Inspiring Story of One of Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks, you will learn the inspirational story of one of football’s greatest quarterbacks, Brett Favre. To this day, Brett Favre remains one of the most popular NFL quarterbacks and with good reason: he left an incredible legacy on the game. Being the only player to ever win the Most Valuable Player award three consecutive seasons, Favre’s impact on his teams was profound. A Super Bowl Champion and 11-time Pro-Bowl selection, Favre was one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the 1990s and early 2000s.

In this book, we’ll learn more about Favre’s’ journey into the NFL, his impact on the game, and his everlasting legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Chapter 1: Early Life and Childhood Years
  • Chapter 2: High School Years
  • Chapter 3: College Years at Southern Mississippi
  • Chapter 4: Brett Favre’s Professional Career
  • Chapter 5: Brett Favre’s Personal Life
  • Conclusion

An excerpt from the book:

Most football fans know who Brett Favre is: a three-time NFL MVP who is the face of the Green Bay Packers franchise. In fact, when people talk about the Packers, they are sure to bring Favre into the discussion. And who can blame them? He donned the team’s Green and Gold colors for 16 seasons. He’s one of those quarterbacks whom people associate with just one team (just like Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts, Joe Namath of the New York Jets, and Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins).

If you had watched Favre all these years, you were amazed at how precise his throws to his receivers were. Some of them even defied logic: How could Favre have eluded several angry linebackers to throw a perfect spiral to the end zone? How could Favre have endured in the challenging National Football League? As you will find out, there’s only one answer to that: Hard work.

However, it is much more than that. You may think Favre had it all: an illustrious career, an MVP trophy, admiring fans, and a happy family. To truly appreciate Favre’s journey, one has to dig deeper – much deeper. He traces his roots to little-known Kiln, Mississippi, a small town an hour away from New Orleans where Favre honed his legendary football skills. As a child, he had it all – strength, dedication, and the matching work ethic. Favre never wasted his talents. He knew he had what it took to succeed. Nonetheless, he never took anything for granted. You would also be surprised at the several stumbling blocks Favre had to overcome to achieve greatness. Even though he is a famous personality, he is a Mississippi country boy at heart. He is just like any regular person who encounters trials on the journey of life.

However, what sets Favre apart from the rest is his resilience. As you read this book, try to appreciate every single moment he went through. Once you do that, you will have a newfound appreciation for the legend of Brett Lorenzo Favre.

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Six Pack in 24 days: Complete Training Program for a well defined Six Pack

by Oscar Mendez

Your Dream Body Is Just 24 Days Away

Do you want to get shredded fast and have the body of a superhero in less than a month?
Don’t you want to be envied by men and desired by women?
Stop making excuses and take control over your life!
With this amazing fitness guide you will learn everything there is to know to get the six pack of your dreams in no time.
This book has been carefully written to give you the efficiency of a badass personal trainer without wasting a fortune on an expensive gym membership.
With the Complete Training Program for a Well-Defined Six Pack, you will find detailed exercise charts and guides as well as all the info you need to better understand the science behind training so you can shed fat fast and build strong muscles.
It doesn’t even matter if you are a beginner or not, you can still have amazing results even if you are currently sporting a beer belly.
And the best part?You don’t even need to starve yourself in order to make a change!
These exercises have been carefully designed to give your metabolism a boost so you can burn calories faster and say goodbye to the excessive and stubborn fat.
With this workout guide, no abdominal muscle will remain untrained as it contains lower, upper and side ab exercising routines!
The unique combination of training styles will take advantage of your body’s chemistry so you can create the right hormonal environment for shredded and well-defined abs.
So don’t you think that it’s time to get off the couch and stop complaining about your gut?
Take control over your life and get the body you deserve so you can be the best version of yourself!

Get The Six Pack In 24 Days Guide Now And Start Training!

Survival trapping: pheasant and ground bird traps

by malcolm bowler

A short book containing bird traps that could be used in a survival situation, the traps include :Funnel trap, String bird trap, Cone trap / foolscap trap, Figure 4 bird trap with forked trigger, Chicken wire arapuca bird trap, Bird pole snare, Bob-wire door trap plus more

Little Itty Bitty Book of Sailing: A New Seafarer’s Guide

by Richard Sabbia

Have you ever wanted to learn to sail? Maybe you have just always wanted to learn to use the giant silent engine of the wind to propel you across the water. Maybe you want to impress your colleagues at work with your seafaring knowledge. Well, whether you just want to learn the lingo and the basic terms and concepts for yourself or to fit in at your bosses next social gathering, the Little Itty Bitty Book of Sailing can introduce you to the basics. Hopefully, it will spark your interest in an endeavor that will offer you pleasure for years to come.

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