Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 16 Feb 18

The Runner Stone: A memoir

by John Schofield

When a boy leaves home at sixteen to make his way in the world he relishes his new-found freedom and craves adventure. His journey takes him from his home in Hong Kong back to his birthplace in England and then, as a fledgling engineer, to the Northwest Frontier of Pakistan and to Canada, SE Asia, Africa and America. The boy becomes a man, finds love and the joy of fatherhood. He climbs the career ladder to senior management but yearns again for freedom and adventure. A sailboat and the islands beckonâ?¦.

Tainted Ladies: Female Outlaws, Renegade Women and Soiled Doves of the Wild West

by Vickie Britton

This lively little guide rounds up a host of colorful women from wild west history from female stagecoach robber Pearl Hart to the beautiful but tragic Baby Doe Tabor. Meet Calamity Jane, who could out-drink and out-shoot any man, and Poker Alice, a widow who earned a living playing cards. Read about the madams and soiled doves who worked in the brothels and parlor houses, and the many renegade women who made up America’s past.

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