Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 16 Feb 18

HTML5: The Fifth and Current Major Version of the HTML Standard

by Dennis Hutten

HTML5 is the lαtest αnd most enhαnced version of HTML.Technicαlly, HTML is not α progrαmming lαnguαge, but rαther α mαrk up lαnguαge.

This tutoriαl hαs been designed for beginners in HTML5 providing the bαsic to αdvαnced concepts of the subject.

Before stαrting this tutoriαl you should be αwαre of the bαsic understαnding of HTML αnd its tαgs

Blockchain: The Complete Insider Guide to Comprehensive Universe of this Revolution Technology, with Effective Steps on How Blockchain Applies in Investing and Trading that Tremendously Impact on….

by Noah Gladwyn

The blockchain is a new revolution in the field of technology. This technology is in developmental stages; therefore, a number of people don’t know about it. There are lots of hypes and questions surrounding about blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies. As a result, numerous people have incomplete information of this transformative technology.

This book is designed to offer you maximum details about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. If you want good information about future, implication, and effects of blockchain technology, this can be a good book for you. After reading this book, you will be able to understand blockchain, bitcoin, and its uses. The book offers:

+ What is blockchain? And An Overview and Uses of Blockchain
+ Role of Blockchain in Economy and Financial Services
+ Understand the Future of the Blockchain and its Impact on Industries
+ Challenges for Blockchain Technology
+ Basic Terminology of Blockchain and Financial Market
+ A Guide for the Beginners to Advance Traders
+ Strategies to Secure Information and Data with Blockchain

Read this book and explore the world of blockchain and its wonders for your life.

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