Free philosophy Kindle books for 16 Feb 18

The Optimal Life Experience: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Maximize Well-Being

by Brian Vondruska

What is the optimal life experience? How is it attained?
These questions have been studied for thousands of years. This book finally deduces the answers. Drawing on concepts from psychology, philosophy, and economics, this book creates a coherent picture of the total human experience. From the complexities of life, it extracts a simple path to maximized well-being.

That path incorporates general insightsincluding why bettering ourselves and bettering others are inextricably linkedthat you can use to create a personally tailored path to completely fulfilled human potential. If you help people to become their best selves, either formally, such as through course development, or informally, such as through parent-child interactions, then you can achieve this optimally through this book.

How will you help people to live with vigor, to be exhilaratingly humanto have an optimal life experience?

Voluntary Slave: My tongue was my slave master

by Jeremy Brown

“I spoke only what I saw and it found a way to stay in my presence”. This book gives us a clear description about how our own tongue gets us into a situation. The title “voluntary slave” has very smartly described the entire book in the two words.
This book is a compilation of the power the tongue possesses over us human beings. Each person on this earth is an individual with their mind and their own perception of things. Everyone has a life and each one of us humans face a number of troubles in our lives. As one goes through the book, they can get a clear perception of how our tongue affects our daily lives. It is how we handle situations that are important and not so much how we get into the situation. The tongue can be the reason a person lives in slavery and one’s tongue can be the reason why a person enjoys endless freedom.
The most interesting part of the book is that not only does the author point out the reason for our seemingly difficult lives, but he also goes a great length in providing suitable and logical solutions to get a better shot at living a beautiful life.

This book can serve as the ultimate solution for the continuous whining of people who claim to have the worst possible life. The good news is that this book will be a path to freedom for all that embrace it.
About the author: Jeremy Brown has written a number of very provoking and interesting books in his career. He has a talent of pointing out the biggest problems in life with ease and put them on paper with his beautiful skill of words. He has received immense popularity for his passionate style of writing that often is entwine with words bringing forth a deeper connection with God.

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