Free reference Kindle books for 16 Feb 18

The Education System: The Fault In Its Code

by Sahil Verma

If you want to discover the truth of the education system, and where it might lead you, this is the book for you. This book will guide you completely to the path that the education system disregards as ‘safe’. This book is for those youngsters who want to have a clearer vision, who want to get out of the uncertainty with the grading systems. I have included a design of the new education system that the world needs. Schooling never prepares one for success but only for jobs. Half the things we learn in school are, and may never be applied in our practical lives. We dedicate our childhood to this system of faults. And this is the reason this book exists, to shine light to the basic reason as to why this world is in a collapse. The thoughts that need to cherish the world are never taught us from the very beginning.

This book points out the faults in the education system. This book exists with the purpose to help the youngsters find their goals in life, that the education system often hinders, and helps the adults to point their compass the other way, and take their life in a whole new direction.

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