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Lone Wolf (Samar Kaushal)

by Akash Joshi

Kargil Operation is nearly over, but Brig Singh is worried. Something is not right. A long-range patrol has vanished into thin air.
Samar Kaushal is the only hope. Can he avenge the soldiers? Alone, unafraid, the lone wolf.
A full measure of satisfaction.

Einstein had it… Part XXVIII: ¿ Anti Gravity ?

by Norbert Schwarzer

The Einstein-Field-Equations give solutions of Dirac-like character. Investigation of matter and anti-matter with these solutions leads to the conclusion that anti-matter could behave repulsive with respect to the force of gravity. This, however, requires a certain assumption for the sign-behavior of the Schwarzschild radius in the metric we have found.

The Supe: A Novel of West Point

by John Vermillion

When Army General Harris Green begins to suspect that President Keith Rozan’s halting leadership of the US military will lead to catastrophic results for the country down the line, General Green must ask himself an important question: Should a military leader forsake his commissioning oath when a president acts outside the bounds of the Constitution?

Tipped off by White House aides that President Rozan has imminent plans to change the character, purpose, and future of the US Military Academy, General Green realizes he must take action. And he knows just the man with the courage and character to fight Washington from behind the Superintendent’s desk at West Point: Marine General Simon Pack.

Hardheaded and unswervingly devoted to his missions, General Pack resigned from the US Marine Corps out of revulsion at the rise of careerism among senior leaders. But with time running out, will General Green persuade him to return to active duty to save the Academy’s futureâ??and the future of the US military?

A thought-provoking and controversial story that asks hard questions about military-civilian relations, The Supe is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of the military in this country.

Once A Colonel

by Heather Shreve

Uncertainty is a weapon…but so is Love. Once, there was a boy who joined the US Army in 1920… again. Far beyond the call of duty, and far beyond Unbroken– ONCE A COLONEL is the story of an officer, and a soldier, who joined the US Army for life, dedicated to his country and his men to the bitter end. Be inspired by the extraordinary life and light of US Army officer, Colonel Arthur L. Shreve, Jr. and his wife, Julia McCoy! From Baltimore, to Honolulu, to major events in U.S. history, follow their love story as it suddenly turns into a thriller when he is called to service in the Philippines as Chief of Artillery, USAFFE. There, as a POW of the Japanese, his life becomes a race against time and Japanese brutality. In a titanic tale of guts, American ingenuity, and raw bravery, he plays a dangerous game of ‘cat n’ mouse’ with his captors. Tested over and over again, he is pushed to the brink as a leader and as a man. In order to save as many lives as possible, he uses all means necessary– including the Military Intel and the Underground– to smuggle in food and cash to save his men. Read about two people in love; a husband and wife separated by war, each trapped in their own ‘hell,’ but also learn of the untold story of Military Intelligence and the heroes that made it work. An eye-opening historical novel that reveals the 20-year rivalry between the Empire of the Rising Sun and the USA, War Plan Orange and everything that led to WW II and the Fall of Bataan. Like all the stars you cannot see, this is the untold story of one man who tried to save thousands, once.

Kiss It Bye-bye, Baby!!!

by Ela Barlow

A thriller and chiller crime at the right timeâ?¦.

America has become both the land of the free loaders and the home of the criminal brave hearts.

An illegal alien enters our American boundaries from many nations around the world without a birthday party invitation. Half of the sons of bitches cross our boundary through an inadequate federal government border security system, while the other half of the bastards breaks the American law and do not leave when their American visa card expires, making all the assholes illegal to live here within our soil.

Then, the American laws are un-enforced by the US federal fucking-government, because the US federal government leaders like to get pissed-on by a set of numerous oversized dicks coming from the wealthy free enterprise corporations that use a lot of cheap labor consisting of many, many illegals to feed their big fat money profits.

Or the US federal government leaders feed the pig-squeaking racial groups that have nothing better to do then dump their smelly pig shit in the face of each true hard-working American, who’s true great, great, great, great-grandpa and grandma nose bleed and then died right here on top of American soil as the original gang of Americans.

The foreign country of Canada, you know that big piece of frozen land right above the Great Lakes of Michigan. Plus the foreign country of Mexico, you know the one right below the State of Texas. Both of these two foreign countries are the primary main and major funnels for many, many illegal aliens entering into our native country of America, USA.

The goddamn so-called elected representatives of the American people within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the US Federal Government allow killing terrorists, evil drug lords, illegal aliens, violent asshole criminals, and infectious contagious diseases coming from both human and animal. The humans and animals stray and stay within the dirt of the USA, where the biggest problem comes from the foreign country of Mexico.

The foreign country of Mexico is a super corrupt failed government-state rampant with tons of mass murders, kidnappings, assassinations, rapes, and robberies. Hell! If I lived inside a town of Mexico City, then I would run far away too.

The US law authorities have documented that the foreign country of Mexico encourages their poorest people, their criminal folks, and their other shit asses to illegally immigrate into the USA, since both foreign countries of Canada and Mexico makes lots of US dollars coming from a set of working low-paying US jobs within America.

Land of the free makes the Mexican economy highly dependent upon the US dollars flowing out of America into the foreign poor government bank accounts, thus more illegal aliens and illegal drugs float and flow back and forth from us to them.

Thanks for listening to the real facts, Americans!

Now, come and read about the real American fairy tale, ya’ll.

China: Showdown: 中�对�

by Aldéric Au

Deadlock delays the start of the 22nd Communist Party Congress in Beijing, offering an opportunity for the PLA to usurp the power of their political masters and seize the initiative. Determined to end the perennial issues of the South China Sea, the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, and Taiwan, the PLA prepares to take matters into its own hands.
The USS James K Polk CVN81, a Ford Class carrier, the centerpiece of a naval task force, is sent to defend Taiwan. The outcome of the clash between the People’s Liberation Army Navy and the US Navy will be pivotal in deciding subsequent events, as Beijing and Washington seek to force the other to back down.
The First Battle of the Philippine Sea proved a decisive naval battle of World War II, which eliminated the Imperial Japanese Navy and decided the war. Will the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea be the decisive naval battle of World War III?
In the tradition of all great naval battles both sides try to inflict a strategic disaster on the other. Will victory favor the aggressive leadership and battle plan of the Americans as they enter Beijing’s Total Exclusion Zone or the conservative battle plan of the Chinese?
As the crisis deepens and war looms, both sides field their latest technological secrets in an unseen battle below the Western Pacific and in the cyber-sphere, as each seeks tactical advantage.
China: Showdown is a fast paced techno naval thriller in the spirit of The Hunt for Red October. The invocation of the latest technological developments is less speculation rather more the inevitable realization of weapons programs already in the works. For an insider’s view of 21st century warfare, they do not come much more realistic than this.

To Hope for the Future

by James Huber

A trilogy is complete, To Challenge the Present, it is the story of King George Washington and his descendants. He is aided by the figures we know in history, but these figures are different. Jefferson, Franklin, Francis Marion, Henry Knox, Sally Hemmings and the King of England, all combine to see the revolution in a new light. The descendants have to fight off a Communist type country of France and New France.
The second part is to Honor the Past. Here we see The ultra strong country of Mexico, the richest on the North American Continent. They work with the King of New England to fight off aggressors and further conflict. George Patton, Dave Eisenhower, Frank Roosevelt all have a part along with the Emperor of Mexico.
Part three, Hope for the Future involves cooperation, again, with the forces of Mexico to fight off a warlord in South East Asia. He uses a dedicated commando and his Intelligence officer to sink ships and attempt assassinations. Several Characters return from book one.

Untamed Wolf: Single Dad Werewolf Romance

by Cara Wade

Single Dad Werewolf Romance

Keli’s work as a police officer means that she always meets some very interesting people, but when Baz walks into her life everything changes…

Something strange is going on…
When Keli Blake arrests young Gabbi Rymeria, and she hears her wild stories about her life, she doesn’t know what to think. Even less so when her mysterious, very handsome father, Baz, comes into the picture.

But how can she solve a case that she doesn’t understand?
She assumes that she will never see Gabbi and Baz again, but she very quickly realizes that she was wrong, and the next time they meet, their secrets are slowly unraveled.

Did Keli ever know the world at all?

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** A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA ** This is a full-length hot and steamy werewolf romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

kisavyyaslyu (Spanish Edition)

by Termalai Iskurumet



by Asper Usachinov



by Chista Zdanieva



by Ricitic Takovski


zabyaobutyat (Swedish Edition)

by Desinko Armeleev


Black Dragons: Dragon Shifter Romance

by Cara Wade

Dragon Shifter Romance

She’s in for the ride of her life.

My parents’ love of dragon hunting got them killed and I want no part of it. When I’m confronted with a chance to find my father’s killer, I’m not sure what to do.

I certainly don’t expect to stumble upon Lucas; sexy, frustrating and dangerous.

I’m not supposed to fall for a dragon shifter.

But Lucas might just be the exception.

I’m a dragon shifter. I love my club and I love my bike, and that’s all there is too it. So when Maria walks into my life, I don’t have time to deal with her problems.

But damn, she’s sexy, and even though she’s a dragon-hunter, I find myself drawn to her.

But humans are bad news and I know better than that.

So why do I find myself falling deeper?

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** A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA ** This is a full-length hot and steamy dragon romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!


by Ernies Kartiquili


Bombardeo sobre Dresde: Tres relatos cortos (Spanish Edition)

by Melanie Köhle

Tres relatos cortos sobre el Bombardeo a Dresde, inspirados en una serie de acuarelas sobre el suceso.

Dooms Day

by Gary Toenges

Intro-Dooms Day
One of my favorite books is “Alas Babylon” by author Pat Frank. Another one is “The Stand” by Stephen King. What both stories have in common is man’s resourcefulness to survive.
I have for many years thought about what kind of story that I would one day write and what would be the events surrounding my story.
I have spent two years researching and outlining Dooms Day. This is about a regular man, probably like someone you work with or a neighbor on your street. He is like most of us who go to work each work day and then works around the house on the weekend.
When we are working and making a living our focus is primarily on our job. We catch occasional insights of the world we live in on mainstream media. When I retired, I found that I now had many hours to fill where I had once spent those hours at work.
The 2016 Presidential election created a news frenzy and it was then that I discovered that an alternative media was thriving via the internet. I found it interesting that the mainstream media and the alternative media constantly were on the attack against one another with the accusations of which one of them was reporting the “Fake News!”
I began to listen to many of the “You Tube” podcasts, and found them to be at the very least entertaining. However, there were some that for me, were making a valiant attempt to report the facts as they saw them or believed them to be.
Then there were the rest who for any number of reasons promote a tirade of rants I have heard referred to many times as “Fear Porn!”
Who knows what the future holds or how much of this “Fear Porn” has a basis of truth to it? The point is there are countless opinions on what people believe anyone of which could come to pass.
The central character in my story is Jack. He lives his life as if tomorrow will be the same as is today, but, he is also a man who is prepared for the possibility that it may not be the same.
His belief is, better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it!
This is his story with a plausible series of events which one can believe is a very real possibility in the world we live in today.
I worked fifty years in the Grocery business. I saw first-hand on a number of occasions what happens when people go into panic mode and rush to the store to buy. Should I have said stock-up? No, they buy whatever they can grab before someone else gets to it before them. This took place when severe weather was expected or had struck suddenly. I can only imagine how it might have gone had those times I witnessed been driven by an epic disaster as portrayed in this story.
My hope is that you find this story a compelling read and that if you do you will recommend it to others who may find this topic intriguing as well.
Thank you,
Gary Toenges

Jaggerâ??s Secret Challenge

by Richard Townshend Bickers

The skies of Britain are bearing the brunt of the Second World War.

Cruising in his Hunter at forty thousand feet, fighter pilot Mike Jagger is in his element.

But when his friend Tommy Tyrrell suddenly flies like a lunatic and nearly kills himself Jagger needs to know why.

So does R.A.F command.

A lethal ray is being operated to take down pilots.

Jagger and Tyrell soon find themselves attached to the Air Ministry tasked with a dangerous mission: find this ray and destroy it

Jagger’s Secret Challenge is an exhilarating Second World War fighter squadron story from the master of Aviation fiction, Richard Townshend Bickers

Richard Townshend Bickers is the author of many successful flying novels of the Second World War. Born in India and educated at St Paul’s he volunteered for the RAF on the outbreak of war and served as a regular officer until 1957. He has lived in many countries, travelled all over the world, and speaks and writes nine European and four oriental languages. He has written several radio plays and features as well as articles and short stories. He values bravery, kindness, humour, good food and good wine.

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