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The Science of Cryptocurrencies: Understanding, Trading and Investing In Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Emercoin, Auroracoin, and the Blockchain Revolution

by Quawsi Samuel

Learn the Science of Cryptocurrency in this short yet impactful book.

Being a generic trader or investor in today’s world is simply not enough.Are you ready to understand a scientific and practical concept of investing or trading the lastest phenomenon in the investment market known as Cryptocurrencies and avoid the pitfalls that many common investor faces?

Not so long ago, the Internet was an alien concept. However, now it is virtually impossible to imagine life without the Internet. Likewise, cryptocurrency was a foreign term used until a decade ago. Digital currency has revolutionized the world of commerce as we know it.

Cryptocurrencies are radically different from the paper money standard that we make use of and are faster, cheaper, easier to use, and more democratic than any other monetary standard in existence at present.
Statistics show that if you were to put a $40 investment in August 2013, you would have been able to cash out at least $19,000 in December 2017. (Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself)

If you are curious and eager to learn this new way of investing in this new wave of this mind blowing asset class to take action in. Then this is the book for you.
The Science of Cryptocurrencies is your solution for making your Investing journey easier to help you be a profitable trader or investor.

In The Science of Cryptocurrencies you will learn:

  • The systematic and practical direction of investing in Cryptocurrencies.
  • How to efficiently and effectively invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin , Auroracoin ,Emercoin
  • A great way to build your portfolio by adding productive assets to your list of investments
  • How to strategically utilize blockchain technology in the blockchain revolution
  • The various advantages and disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies
  • A simple way of mining and investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Excellent tips for Trading Cryptocurrencies- Understanding the power of Cryptocurrencies, knowing the initial investment, Getting into the game and Some of the mistakes to avoid.
  • Essential Strategies for Risk Minimization.

    And many more important lesson
    Find out why “The Science of Cryptocurrencies is your solution to investing or trading the various type of Cryptocurrencies effectively to avoid the pitfalls !

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  • Passive income that will make you from $2,500 to $100,000 a month, home based businesses and online businesses that are proven to work – proof inside (Passive … Drop Shipping, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).)

    by George S. Timberlake

    Want to start making Passive Income and Gain more FREEDOM?

    Let me take you behind the scene of the book for a moment…

    Money, Money, Money!!! Money is everywhere yet nowhere. Money is the one thing we cannot afford to do without. Rich or poor, wealthy or indigent, we all need money and are always engaged continuously in new activities that can bring in more of the most excellent resource on Earth. Nothing comes for free these days. Nothing!!! Even if you own your own house, live in the middle of nowhere and grow your food, you are still not self-sufficient. You need to pay your hospital bills or pay a premium for your health insurance. No one can be self-sufficient. We depend on one person or the other to get one thing or the other or to get something done. And those things and those services do not come for free. You need money to buy goods and pay for services.

    “How can I make more money?”

    Believe it or not, this question is one of the most asked questions worldwide on a daily basis. We are all consistently doing one thing or the other to get more money. A vast majority of the world’s population prefer and depend on salaried employment to provide pay for them. Of course, it is an excellent idea. But not all salaried profession can give you everything you need let alone those things you desire. In salaried jobs, to be able to pay off your mortgage quickly or afford a vacation home or afford a vacation abroad or ride that luxury car you have always wanted, you need to be earning around five to six figures monthly, at least. But when will you get to that stage on the corporate ladder or in the civil service? Get this right once and for all: the system is not designed to allow everyone get there. What is more?
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    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Benefits of Passive Income
    • The mindset you need for an Online Business Owner
    • Several Passive Income Ideas
    • Much, much

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