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Killing Season: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller (Violet Darger FBI Thriller Book 2)

by L.T. Vargus

Two days. Fourteen dead. The next victim could be you.

The first bullet punches through the windshield of an SUV. A head shot. The driver’s death is instantaneous. And it’s only the beginning.

A sniper along I-20 kills eight and causes a 36 car pileup. Brutal. Efficient.

The next morning, the same individual stalks through a grocery store parking lot with a handgun. He takes out six innocent shoppers along with the store’s front window before fleeing without a trace.

By the time Special Agent Violet Darger arrives in Atlanta, the city teeters toward panic. The vacant streets and restaurants paint an eerie picture. No one dares to venture out.

A killer walks among them. A shadow. And the public cowers just the way he wants them to.

Once more Agent Darger must identify with a murderer, must stare into the darkness to anticipate his next move. Putting herself in his head may be the only way to stop him.

The longer she takes, the higher the death toll. He will kill again and again.

But what hatred drives a man to such desperate, violent acts?

And what price must one pay to invite that chaos inside themselves?

A page-turner packed with heart-stopping suspense. Fans of John Sandford, Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, and Lisa Gardner should check out the Violet Darger series.

The books in the series can be read in any order, so grab Killing Season and get started today.

Praise for the Violet Darger series:

“The Violet Darger books are honestly the best detective novels I’ve ever read.” — Devin

“Wow, just wow! If you like scare-you-half-to-death mystery books this is the one for you. It starts with a bang and just doesn’t stop.” — Ada Lavin

“Violet Darger is a unique, incredible character, and I immensely enjoyed taking this journey with her.” — Cat

“A rush of excitement, twists and turns.” — C. Munger

“Insightful, bloody. Page turner about the corruption of morality and warped thinking patterns.” — Bella from

“Refuses to let go until you have read the last sentence.” — Bloodymummer

“I found myself completely invested in every character, from the authorities to the killer to the victims themselves.” — eden Hudson, author of Revenge of the Bloodslinger

“It’s not a glimpse…it’s a good long look inside the mind of a killer. It’s fast paced, it’s scary, and it’s satisfying.” — Rain

“If you are a fan of Silence of the Lambs, this book is a spiritual successor.” — Amazon customer

“Vargus and McBain spin a fine tale with characters I want to climb inside–but not in a weird way.” — Jeanne Tarrants

Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia

by Arwen Chandler

Yesterday, Karn Elohite had it all. Today he has nothing.

Handpicked by Lorna, the goddess, to champion her cause, Karn is catapulted into a war as old as the gods themselves. Future uncertain, his power growing, Karn must unite Arcadia’s clans with the most unlikely ally imaginable, the daughter of the enemy Maekel clan.

With his warband and his new-found allies, he must learn to control his magic powers and bring back the age of dragon riders to save his people and the woman he loves from Maekel’s thirst for blood.

Will his new-found power be enough to defeat the power of the Maekel?

Or will the Elohite clan be only a memory?

***Originally published as The Collision of Fire and Ice by Arwen Chandler. This book, Remnant, has been extensively rewritten and updated.***


by Rebecca R. Pierce

It’s been five years since Charlotte’s sister, Rachel, went missing, but Charlotte doesn’t remember her. She can’t remember anything before she ran through the forest, drenched in blood, her clothes slightly torn. Her family, along with the rest of the pioneers, traveled on in their covered wagons, leaving her behind to live with her grandmother in the woods. And then one day, her grandmother goes missing forcing Charlotte to enter deep into the woods beyond the thorny wall. Will Charlotte finally understand the mystery of her sister’s disappearance? And what of the eerie wind that comes knocking like a ghost upon her cabin’s door? Will she finally learn the truth of the Unseen?

The Book of Abolla (Black Tape 1)

by L. P. Littlefoot

Do you ever have that feeling that
you don’t belong here? I mean, that
you really don’t belong where you are?
And do you ever get a sneaking
suspicion that someone knows some-
thing about you that you don’t know?
Well, you’re not alone.

People might say that you’re unrealistic,
but you know that you’re not.
Nothing will stop you from finding out
about your past and, no matter who
or what tries to get in your way,
you’ll do what you must to get the
answers that you need.

Then again, there’s always something
that’s trying to hold you back…

Monster (Vertex Book 1)

by Soren Summers

Bloodied corridors. Mangled bodies. Deranged test subjects. Just another day at Vertex, a corporation devoted to perfecting humanity by any means necessary. It’s up to Jarod Samuels to keep the hallways pristine and safe, but scrubbing bloodstains and bagging bodies is losing its luster.

Then someone new joins his department, this man with a huge ego and an even huger mouth. Gabriel Anderson is infuriating but intriguing, as brash as he is beautiful, and almost enough to keep Jarod preoccupied. Almost.

But between workplace hazards, psychic sociopaths, and a mysterious formula that alters the human body, Jarod’s doubts are surging. Should he stay with the corporation, or run like hell? This is Vertex, after all, where the walls watch with glass eyes, the laboratories groan with secrets – and employee termination ends more than just careers.

This romantic horror story is approximately 88,000 words in length.

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