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There are no better people

by Heidi Attwood

Growing up, the man had known two great male role models in his life.The first, of course, was his blustering father, always complaining about ‘undesireable elements’, and never making it clear what he was speaking about

Released by the star

by Macon Foster

It had taken until her 4th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but she’d been able to move past him to find Michael Corner and Dean Thomas. Not that they were anything spectacularâ?¦ Michael had run off to Cho Chang and Dean had found bigger and better things in Padma Patil.

Kingdom Come: A Devotional Journey Through the Gospel of Mark

by Bill McKell

This devotional journeys through the entire Gospel of Mark (stopping where most Bible Scholars believe it actually stops) in forty-seven sequential readings. Each of the readings is accompanied by a devotion that is intended to add perspective to that day’s passage of scripture. At the beginning of each devotion is a verse or two of scripture to highlight that day’s reading. Most devotions include a contemplation question and a short prayer. You are, of course, encouraged to use each reading as a basis for your own prayers.

Because these devotions were originally written during Lent, they are designed to coincide with the days of Lent. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to use this book as a Lenten devotional. To make that a bit easier, a number of the pages are labeled to match the key days in the Lenten season. The first reading, for instance, is labeled for Ash Wednesday and the last reading is labeled for Easter. If you read it every day, beginning on Ash Wednesday, you will finish it on Easter.

But it isn’t necessarily a Lenten devotional. It is a forty-seven reading journey through the Gospel of Mark. You can begin it any time. You can read it every day or every other day or twice a day or whenever you want. Regardless of when you start or how often you read, when you finish it, you will have read an entire book of the Bible. And, no matter how many times you’ve already read this particular book of the Bible, I hope you will walk away with some fresh perspectives.

My prayer is that, through these readings, the Kingdom will come alive in your life.

In 2014, I shared a Chrysalis weekend with an awesome group of men at Cornerstone Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was the weekend before Ash Wednesday. The participants were encouraged to engage in daily Bible study. To help facilitate this, the lay director presented us with a reading plan and challenged us to join the church in reading through the Gospel of Mark during the season of Lent.

I accepted the challenge and wrote a short devotion for each of my readings. I shared these devotions with the guys and received a lot of positive feedback. With another Chrysalis weekend approaching, I decided to compile these devotions into a single devotional to present to each of the participants. To cover the costs of giving the books to the participants, I have decided to make it available to the public.

I have found that it’s easier to read the Bible every day if I’m reading it along with something that can help me better appreciate what I’m reading. This devotional attempts to do just that.

Cool Doghouses

by Lorayne Miller

This is a book about some cool doghouses that are different than the average doghouse. If you are thinking of building your own doghouse but wonder what things to consider you will see this book has many things to take into account. The dog’s size, shade and whether you need multi dogs or multi purpose. Decks are popular with doghouses, and porches too.

Welcome To My World

by Dana Burkey

Jillian Andrews has won so many titles she could do pageants in her sleep. Or at least that’s how she feels most days. Between her solid work ethic and the guidance of her coach Ashleigh, Jillian has become one of the best junior competitors in the greater Atlanta area. Despite that though, everything is about to be turned upside down with one short phrase: Welcome To My World.
At first the idea of a pageant where brand new competitors are brought on stage with pageant pros sounds like an exciting challenge for the 14-year-old beauty queen. But when Jillian learns that Ashleigh’s less than polished neighbor Ryan is going to be the one to compete beside her on stage, it’s almost too much. But with her winning streak on the line, Jillian has her work cut out for her. Will long practice hours and determination be enough? Can Ashleigh really get the scruffy Ryan cleaned up so he’ll be ready to take the stage? More importantly, will the unlikely pair allow their differences to ruin their chances at competing before even taking the stage? With pageant day fast approaching, Jillian knows this will truly be her make or break moment.

RULES OF PROSPERITY: entrepreneurship principles


This book is about entrepreneurship rules, important financial advice, correction of people’s view about money, financial traps and how to avoid financial traps. This book tells step by step how to move from broke to prosperous. This book will change the reader’s way of thinking about money , success and prosperity

Books for Girls – 4 Great Stories for 8 to 12 year olds: Witch School, The Secret, I Shrunk My BF and Body Swap

by Katrina Kahler

4 Books for Girls Volume 2…These are books that you will LOVE! Best Selling Author, Katrina Kahler will entertain you with these fabulous stories – Witch School, The Secret, I Shrunk My BF and Body Swap. These are all the first books of the series and girls everywhere rave about them. Perfect for girls aged 8 to 12! Hope you enjoy them!

Witch School – Book 1 – Miss Moffat’s Academy for Refined Young Witches
The Secret – Book 1 – Mind Magic
I Shrunk My BF – Book 1 – Ooops!
Body Swap – Book 1 – Catastrophe!!!

Tre The Medical Guru

by Sophia Ellis

Zyaire Eli Alexander III, but we can him Tre, is an African American 6 year old boy who dreams about being anything he wants to be. You name it. He could be a Judge or Police Officer or even a Soldier. In this book, Tre dreams about being a Doctor and Dentist. Sometimes, there is a sneaky duck named Ert that tries to take his dreams away but he will stop at nothing to achieve out his dreams. Follow Tre on these great adventure as you see your future through the Eyes of Tre.

Choose Your Own Story: Self-Adventure and Stories for Kids

by Jeff Child

The complete, ultimate bundle of 8 self-adventures in 1 book!

Adventure 1: This book is a little different from regular story books. In this adventure, YOU are the adventurer. By making choises, you determine your destiny as the treasure hunter who faces all kinds of monsters and very real dangers. Simply click on the links in the E-book version or go to the page of the printed version to continue your journey after making a choice. Enjoy this brief, interactive story in which you decide how it’s going to end.
Adventure 2: Choose your own quest as a warrior princess! You are the heroine, the princess who is searching for her identity. In a quest for meaning, you can choose your own path by going to the lava world, the giant cave, or a lake in the middle of nowhere. Pick a marriage partner, decide what to do with the enemies you face, and solve the problem by finding out what the evil queen has done in the past. This unforgettable journey is a page turner, but you’ll have to turn pages back and forth, since this adventure will take you all over the place.
Adventure 3: You are a soldier in the army, a combined army of men from several villages who try to defend their homes and freedom against dangerous creatures, exploding monsters that come after you! But then something happensâ?¦ your friend gets wounded. Will he die? Or will you find the cure by collecting the three magical gems, hidden in distant areas where filthy zombies, snakes, and wolves abide? It’s up to you! Why? Because this is a story where you get to make choices. You, the reader, choose which adventure you’re going on.
Adventure 4: After a theft at the museum, the grand detective, Mr. Questionairre, calls you over to do some research. With your two big knives and your sneaking and fighting skills, you are perfectly equipped to bring back the three valuable pickaxes that the villain stole. Some adventure, some action, and a sprinkle of romance make this self-adventure an unforgettable interactive book!
Adventure 5: The adventure starts out with the fact that you are a zombie. You don’t know how or why it happened, but you know you were once human. What happens then, is a long flashback of everything that took place before you transformed into such a filthy creature. You made a number of decisions that brought you to the town’s square where you ended up eventually. But what matters even more than what you did before that, is what you’re going to do now about the zombie outbreak! Enjoy this fun, engaging self adventure that allows you to make choices and determine the path and results of the story yourself.
Adventure 6: Choose your own story as you get woken up by a girl whose name you are still to discover. She tells you of a hostile village, where evil witches lurk beneath the shadows. As a skilled warrior, you get hired by the village chief to spy behind the enemy’s gates and figure out a way to defeat them. You have the choice to contact villagers, sneak around, or engage in a severe battle of war. However, when you find yourself being turned into some kind of monster-human, you realize that there is more going on. Will you finish the book and discover the hidden secrets that you need to know before you can destroy your enemies? Start reading and make the right choices. Only then will you survive and save the day.
Adventure 7: A villager approaches you and tells you that his father, a doctor, has been kidnapped by dark shades. When you keep asking for details, you discover that he has been taken to a giant cave, the den where dark shades and snakes reside. That’s a dangerous situation. However, you take courage and enter the humongous, dark place, searching for the boy’s daddy.

Make the right decisions when you are confronted with enemies, pitfalls, and traps that could kill you, and you will find your way to the doctor and out of that wretched place together.

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