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Social Anxiety: Break Free and Build Confidence

by Gary Metcalfe

Diagnosed social anxiety stretches across 20 million adults in the United States. That means, almost 9% of the adult population has suffered for at least ten years with this debilitating disorder before they decided to seek help. That’s how long it takes the average person between the time they start observing symptoms to the point in time that they are evaluated by a medical professional.
If you suspect that you are prone to social anxiety or if you believe that the symptoms and conditions describe you perfectly, then you need to do three things.

FIRST, you need to step away from your daily routine and have some quiet time where you reflect on all that has brought you down this path. This is your period of reflection where you collate all your mental notes and observations about yourself and you lay them out on the table.

SECOND, figure out where you stand on the spectrum that spreads across the degrees of social anxiety and determine if you can find a way of getting yourself back on track.

FINALLY, make the decision to take action. There are one of two things you need to decide on right now. You either find a way to fix it with all the help you can get, or you sit and ride it out. I advise against the second option. If you have gone so far as to look for, and find a book that talks about Social Anxiety, then you really need to know that it’s time that you took action.

The entire healthcare industry has categorized it as a disorder but that is unfortunate. It is a state, not a disease. It is a state that is either rooted in chemical or psychological issues. Both of which are controllable. You can either find the causes and refrain from approaching them, or change yourself to who you want to be, or you can suppress it and cope with who you are. It is as simple as that.

In this book, we look at:
1)specific symptoms and the neurological issues
2)natural solutions
3)Strategies to calm your mind
4)mindset and meditation
5)five strategies that you can execute right away

Begin your march and find the enlightenment you need to understand social anxiety and find a way to realign yourself!

Get Your Spark Back: A 30 day guide to reigniting the passion in your marriage

by Onome Adeyemo

Have you always wanted to enjoy your marriage with less stress but you never succeeded?
You probably tried some tips but soon discovered that your partner probably was not as willing as you were?

This is your one stop book on this issue of concern in your marriage.
How frustrated do you feel sometimes, knowing that you cannot have a healthy conversation with your spouse without a frown or a strong argument?
Do you feel drained not knowing what to expect when you get home after a long day’s job?
Come on, be rest assured that this book will be worth your time. More so, after partaking in the exercises in this book you will testify that it is filled with enough flavour to spice up your marriage for a life time.
This is what you get after practicing the tasks in this amazing book:
Your marriage will become healthier and thereby affecting our society in the long run. Remember, an unhealthy society stems from an unhealthy home. Let’s make more marriages work.

* You will be thankful that you did not give up so soon on your marriage.
* You will discover the awesome juice in your spouse that you both have ignored prior to reading this book.
* You will be able to communicate effectively with your spouse with less hassles.
* Your health will be improved upon because you will start living a happier life.

I repeat, this is your one stop book to bringing back the spark in your marriage.
Clink on the link below to purchase this life changing book. What do you stand to lose if you let go of this opportunity?

Think about it. An opportunity once lost might not be regained.
What is saving your marriage worth to you? A $1000 or just a click of the mouse (download your copy now)?

Hear what others are saying.

This book has positively transformed my mind-set towards marriage and I learnt never to assume that my partner is the one that needs to change for our marriage to become better.
Sanyaolu Funmi (CEO SARA Clothing)

Our marriage has been relatively peaceful but after we encountered this book and practiced what it preaches, I and my spouse became more lovey-dovey and truly intimate than ever.
Obiajuru Luya (CEO Truace Consulting and Manufacturer of Kwikmil Foods)

Wait no more, click on the link and get your copy now.

Mary, Rest In Peace: Caught Reading

by George Wilder Jr.

GET READY TO CRY. The bad guys, all, simultaneously fired at the head and face of Atticus Steele Jr., blowing his head completely off his shoulders. Blood burst and gushed in every direction. The bad guys had unloaded every bullet and every round of ammunition into the headless body of Atticus, even as he lay lifeless on the floor of the library. The shooting and killing of Atticus Steele Jr. lasted almost ten minutes, and only stopped when the Chicago Police arrived, however, the murderers had escaped from the scene. Atticus dead body was mangled, riddled, smashed, and crushed. However, his right severed hand completely detached from his body, it was holding on tightly to something that was so precious to Atticus, and that was a really good fictional book.

Surviving the Temptation: 25 Principles To Avoid Cheating

by Dr. Kenton D. Wiley

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated? Do you fear you may cheat in the near future? First, stop beating yourself up, you are not alone. Second, it’s time to take hold of your relationship. Surviving the Temptation: 25 Principles To Avoid Cheating, provides some simple guidance on how to avoid cheating.

Whether you have been married for decades, days, engaged, dating, or just exploring, no one is exempt for cheating. The key is, learning how to avoid situations that could lead to cheating. How does a good relationship go from superior to sloppy? How does God’s plan for marriage result in division and destruction? Are you ready to draw the line and start maintaining a healthy relationship? Are you prepared to develop a relentless commitment?

Then look no further! Grab hold of Dr. Wiley’s “25 Principles to Avoid Cheating”.

Road To Righteousness: The Meaning Of Life

by Burhan Mir

An ideal book into finding the meaning of life.

Be the best parent, the best spouse, the best mother-in-law, the best father-in-law and above all the best and righteous soul. Yes, it is that simple contrary to popular belief. The only book you’ll ever need.

This book isn’t about fantasy. It certainly isn’t a love story, a sci-fi fiction or a story about happily ever after. There are plenty of them available in those genres already. The book is about the life that we are living in the present, be it for the pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of sadness. What I mean is, It can be a happily ever after life story for you.

The author speaks about the real world issues that we face today in our day to day lives. The book is written keeping that in mind. Not only does the author speak about these issues, the author tries his best to help people understand what these issues are, how to counter them and how best to deal with them. Obviously, according to the author’s own life experiences.

Honestly there’s so much more that can be said about life, the possibilities and the ways are endless, however what we don’t have is the time for it. Still, I think I covered most of what this life is about, the three important stages of life that we live but I did however intentionally skip the spiritual aspect of our lives. For me, it is the most important one but given my understanding of how this world works, I don’t think most people prioritize or even know what it means to be truly pious. Long story short, I might decide one day to do a part two, covering that aspect through this means. Based on the response I get, no promises though, life is too short to make far-fetched promises.

One review that perfectly describes what this book is about. “If only people implemented just 10 % of what was written in their lives……a masterpiece” – Amelia

About the book :

The book contains 143 pages of wisdom, positive feelings and humorous attitude. The content is priceless, priceless in the sense that one cannot use money as a substitute. The modern English language used is easy to understand. I tried to be as simple as possible for the readers.

About the Author :

Born in Kashmir, Burhan Mir was ordained in the mysteries of this Universe and people in it. The way you perceive things will change completely after you finish reading this book. I am hoping for the good obviously.

Mindfulness For Beginners: The Practiced Mind – How to Achieve Stillness & Inner Peace Amidst the Chaos: Making The Shift For Transformation, Growth, & Expansion

by Dash Trembley

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” â??Lao Tzu

Mindfulness is a modern practice widely recognized for its healing and restorative effects and powers. When you combine meditative processes and mindfulness, it can help you regulate and balance your mental state of being, achieve focus and clarity, release all forms of tension and stress, cultivate patience and instill inner peace within yourself.

Drawn from a new approach, looking at it from a different perspective will show you how to watch your thoughts without judgment, to attain satisfaction from life’s simple pleasures and gain fresh new insights into the heart and mind of every person seeking new light and eyes to achieve a mind of clarity and stillness.

You will have a new found appreciation for what is most important to you, strengthening your communication skills with people you love, learn what it really means to be present and in the moment of every step of the way of your life, reshuffling your priorities with a good, healthy, strong practiced mind.

From Author:
“Decide what you truly want in life with a definite purpose in order to generate realistic goals that you can work towards to attract, achieve, and ultimately attain with ease to create the life you pictured inside your head. Your thoughts can ultimately serve you or completely break you apart.

So become the engine of your thoughts and visions, giving it the right directions instead of living life by default every day. Choose wisely, learn and receive with an open mind, and execute every single one of your decisions wholeheartedly. You come to a point in life you got to divorce your old story and marry your new truth, in order to have a fresh start and embark on a new path.”

* Paperback Includes a focus-log to keep track of your new thought progress along with bonus inspirational quotes in between every new chapter.

*Limited special offer price

NEW PUPPY CHECKLIST (New Dog Series Book 1)

by Tim Carter

New Puppy Checklist

Edition 6. In Checklist format to tick off. Convenient and concise!

New Puppy Start Right! Puppy love is wonderful – Puppy needs are no secret!
This New Puppy Checklist is a small puppy guide for the new dog owner. This is your puppy primer that you should get before you get long puppy books! This New Puppy Checklist is a concise, comprehensive list to tick off everything you must know and do when you get a new puppy.

“It has a LOT of information, gets right to the point and helps you to not fail”
“Great checklist and book. Very clear and straight forward. I would certainly recommend this even experienced dog owners”
“Tim really knows how to get into the mindset of a puppy. Great book!”

With this Checklist you can RELAX. Go through it and check as needed, and you’ll know you haven’t forgotten anything. Because, being prepared is everything – particularly with a new puppy! Puppies can give a lot of joy, oh yes. But likewise, puppies can give you so much trouble that you feel at your wits’ end. Don’t let it come so far. And don’t start off on the wrong track with your pup. Dogs are forgiving but not forgetful!

Note that this is not a lengthy book, it is meant to be a concise Checklist! Nonetheless, to be of maximum help, Tim has added a lot of extra explanations where relevant. Also, you’ll probably love all the linked free Periodicals: The highly popular topical discussions on, the largest dog authority site in the world. Thus, with Tim’s books you know you are in best hands anyway.

So what’s covered in the New Puppy Checklist? Puppy Proofing Your Home, Preparing a Place to Rest and Sleep, Preparing a Place to Eat and Drink, Preparing a First-Aid Kit, Safe-Keeping Equipment you need, Puppy Grooming, Vet Visit and Vaccination, DIY Health Checks, Dietary Planning, Socializing Your Puppy, Which toys in which toy categories are puppy adequate, How to care for Your Puppy, Relationship Building With Your Puppy, Puppy Training, and loads of advice including puppy health tips.

Again, Tim Carter’s New Puppy Checklist raises the bar for others. A comprehensive but concise eye opener. Make sure your puppy becomes the dog you always wanted.

Better check this Checklist now

Vingt-huit histoires pour enfants: Pour lire (French Edition)

by soledad Toro

Il est essentiel d’encourager les enfants à partir d’un jeune âge, non seulement à la recherche de leur donner une enfance heureuse, mais aussi de bons outils pour les aider à l’avenir.
Quand les enfants quittent votre imagination voler sentir comme la lecture, il les emmène là où ils veulent aller, et quand ils veulent être. Les enfants ont la capacité de fantasmer, de créer et d’imaginer.

How Not to Die Cookbook for Children’s Body, Mind, & Spirit: Real Friends And The Wise Lesson: How children learn and develop Wisdom by Respecting one Another: A Reflection on Racism (Book 1 of 3)

by Kilson Spany

Book description


A timeless, beloved book on how to communicate with your child, and to effectively eradicate all sort of racism teachings in your child’s life.

This incredible children’s book includes fresh insights and suggestions as well as the author’s time-tested methods to solve common problems and build foundations for lasting relationships, including innovative ways to:

Cope with your child’s negative feelings, such as frustration, anger, and disappointment

Learn to carefully Listening to your children when they express themselves, so that you can understand the real problem of their frustration or even the reason behind their constant quarrels.

Engage your child’s willing cooperation
Use parables when explaining puzzling things (it can be their favorite superhero) so that they can easily relate the world around them with your explanation.

Use alternative methods that promote self-discipline and peace among them.

Understand the difference between helpful and unhelpful praise

Resolve children’s conflicts peacefully, if necessary always with a smile (be wise and not spoiling them).

Enthusiastically a worth reading book with brilliant and colourful illustrations that adds an impacting and unique experience as you read it. Find its insights that not only teaches children to treat one another respectfully, but also parents will certainly obtain unmeasurable lessons and great benefits from this insightful book. praised by parents and professionals around the world, the down-to-earth, respectful approach of kilson Spany makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding

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