Free philosophy Kindle books for 17 Feb 18

The Chimera

by Nitish Sharma

Human beings are evolutionary creatures, born to survive even in adverse conditions. However, is the life we live perfect? Are we completely happy? What is this world, that seems not what it is? Not knowing “truth” or “reality,” humans tread the same path again and again, not learning from history.

The author has presented in this work, that is a unique combination of fiction and non-fiction, an overview of our present condition. The book will particularly interest those among us who are seekers of truth, and for whom, logic and truth are forever intertwined and unlimited.

Meant to push all mental boundaries, this is a must-read for anyone who is in search of the “unknowable”â?¦

UFO Warnings: Brays Point Oregon UFO â??Watchersâ? Receiving ET

by Dave Masko

UFO Warnings, by Dave Masko. Winston Churchill believed in the existence of alien life on Earth, states a recently unearthed essay this leader penned back in 1939 titled, “Are We Alone in the Universe?” The inconvenient truth about Churchill’s belief is “an extraterrestrial invasion of Earth is ongoing; while strange metal boxes have fallen from the heavens or this deep end of the ocean in and around the famed UFO watch site at Brays Point, Oregon.” This is from a Feb. 18, 2017 statement released by “Lou,” a now 98-year-old self-proclaimed hybrid alien who serves as the leader of a group of Brays Point UFO fans known worldwide as “the watchers.” As each of these “strange metal boxes” is unearthed (*along a stretch of beach at both Brays Point and nearby Stonefield Beach), Lou and his watchers believe a “release of warnings and other messages” will be revealed. As for Lou’s thesis or argument that “alien beings are walking amongst us now on Earth,” this famed seer points to ways and means of identifying “ET.” This collection of “new journalism” essays and reports explains how and why the “reproducing of humans by duplicates” is a clear and present danger as the planet continues to burn with hate, fear and the evil that men do. Readers are asked to reflect on the “rise of duplicates” in their own lives today; per Lou says “the friends” (aliens) are “devoid of all human emotion much like a typical fully wired computer nerds today. Lou says to also think lack of empathy, love, an ability to “hug, touch, relate to human feelings” as possible signs that who you think is a family member, friend or neighbor is, in fact, a duplicate replacement copy of a human being. Thus, this somewhat warped fascination with the Invasion of the Body Snatcher books and films that date back to the mid-1950s when Lou, in his early 30s, learned from his French mother Julie that his father “was not quite human,” and that he was the seed of an alien race of hunters visiting Earth and mining human hosts to produce hybrids and other extraterrestrial “duplicates” who assimilate human physical characteristics, personalities and even memories per, “a plan that is now revealed with this statement today,” says Lou during his Feb. 18, 2017 statement to the world. This e-book then becomes a channel for Lou and his watchers group to share their story, and UFO Warnings now in a time of Donald Trump doomsday fears.

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