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Witchcraft for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Rituals and Spellcasting

by Caroline Orins

The modern age has paved the way for witches to return to the scene, practicing their natural magical abilities and influencing energies for their desired outcomes. Modern witches work together with one common goal: to increase the positive outcomes for all involved, with their highest good in mind.

If you are embarking on your witchcraft journey now, I assume that you have already had some form of calling or urge within you to look deeper into your natural abilities. These talents that many of us have allowed to rest dormant for so long are finally being accepted once more. Although some of the outdated stigmas about witches still exist, modern witchcraft is widely accepted by the modern era, making the present time one of the best to dive back into our natural abilities.

As you dive in, you may be wondering where and how you can start. Witchcraft for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Rituals and Spellcasting is a wonderful book to help guide you through these early stages of indulging in your natural gifts.

Although this book is for beginners, it is important that you do not confuse it as a book of “weak spells and rituals”. This book is anything but weak. The spells within this book are a wonderful place for beginners to start, but they also perform powerful results. From increasing your wealth to healing, and even healing or addressing your personal relationships, and otherwise creating the life you desire, this book offers a series of powerful magical spells and rituals that you can begin using today.

These will help you not only master your inner witch, but also begin to powerfully transform your life for your highest good, and for the highest good of all other living creatures that live in our universe.

If you are ready to embark on this journey and dig deeper into your craft, get your copy of Witchcraft for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Rituals and Spellcasting today!

Sword of Peace

by Louisa M Bauman

What is the secret of the hidden meetings, which are held in the woods at night?

Anna had hoped to escape the violence of the Reformation when she moved to Amsterdam. But now, in November 1531, Charles V has sent his Spanish officials to this â??nest of heretics’ in the Netherlands, determined to rid his empire of all those who refuse to attend the state church. The obstinate shall be executed unless they swear allegiance to the Holy Roman Emperor and the Catholic church, and citizens must report any disloyal activity they notice or suffer the same fate. But Anna can hardly betray Maeyken, her only friend in Amsterdam. The last thing Anna will do is listen to the Anabaptists, let alone join the traitorous sect!

If Charles V succeeds, the Anabaptists will be annihilated. Especially the leaders of the new faith, such as Adriaen, a new widower. Anna is embarrassed to be falling for Adriaen, not believing he could ever return her love. Besides, as an Anabaptist preacher, he is unlikely to survive the purging of heretics.

In Sword of Peace, struggle with Anna on her journey to find faith, peace, truth and love in this sweeping and romantic historical novel, set during the Reformation in the Netherlands. In those turbulent days, the seeds for the present-day Amish and Mennonites were planted. This story is perfect for fans of historical thrillers and romance alike.

Am I a Servant?: A Christian’s Guide to Service (Am I? Book 1)

by Dr. Kenton D. Wiley

Am I a Servant? is the first book in Dr. Wiley’s series, entitled, Am I? The Chief Priest from Baltimore, MD, has developed a groundbreaking, simplistic guide to help faith believers better understand Godly service.

Dr. Wiley birthed this book after the realization of how far the church, and community have moved away from serving one another. He believes in order to truly understand service, we must first look at the greatest servant, Jesus Christ. Throughout the book, Dr. Wiley strategically breaks down how we should serve our church, our community, and our family.

Are you a servant? How do you know? Perhaps you are seeking to teach others how to serve God’s way? Are you looking to serve better as a husband, wife, pastor, teacher, or leader? Then look no further, this book is for you!

Fade to Blue (An Otter Bay Novel Book 3)

by Julie Carobini

Long-forgotten dreams and a former love collide in a famous castle by the sea. Does a new start await? Or will all hope be swept away?
Suz, an accomplished artist, moves with her child across the country to California’s central coast, and lands a dream job restoring priceless art for the historic Hearst Castle overlooking the sea.

But even dreams have shocking twists. To her surprise, her old flame, Seth, works at the castle and jumbles the new aspirations in Suz’s heart. While sorting through their past and a palette of spiritual differences … an even bigger brush with yesterday awaits.
All three titles in the Otter Bay Novel Series:Sweet WatersA Shore ThingFade to Blue

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: ROMANCE: Nothing Like Love (The Highlander Romance) (Water Black Series Book 3)

by Chandra Allen

The news about the baby changes Will‘s behavior and he shows his affection by taking care of her and making sure that she has everything. Timothy is no longer considered a threat by Will and Lydia is happy to see her husband calmer and more understanding.

Their life together takes a natural turn and Will starts to treat her as a wife for the first time since they got married. To celebrate a very good business deal, Will organizes a party at the ranch, inviting family and friends from the East. Together with his best friend from the University comes also his sister, Arabela Douglass. Lydia immediately sees that the young and beautiful woman is in love with her husband and that William is unaware of the fact.

Arabela, however, makes sure to inform Lydia about her intention to have Will for herself and with that really scares the young and still unsecure, six months pregnant woman. When Will acts as if he doesn’t mind Arabela’s attention, Lydia decides to leave the ranch. She manages to reach only the nearest town, when Will, together with Timothy catches up with her and finally confesses his love for her.

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

Never My Own

by Laurie Penner

More than anything, Evie wants to have a baby. But after fertility drugs, painful tests, and three miscarriages, she and her husband, Austin, end up adopting three kids. What they don’t realize is the extent of emotional trauma adoptive parents can go through after years of investing their lives in a child. When Michael causes enough problems to drive a wedge between Evie and Austin, the teenage son leaves, talking of cutting them off forever from his life. As they move on to the oldest daughter’s teenage bumps in the family road, Evie tries not to compare it to their experience with Michael, but she fears the same disaster is coming.

Evie struggles to lean on her faith as the daughter gets into trouble, but then Michael returns with a new wife and children to stay for awhile. While Evie’s anxiety level soars at this development, she and Austin instantly bond with Michael’s adorable three-year-old son. However, his stepmother openly neglects him and causes multiple other problems in the overcrowded household. When the beloved grandson turns up missing, all other issues vanish as the family searches for the child. Will they find him before he is forever out of reach? And will the family hold together?

Based on true experiences that resulted in gaining custody of grandchildren, this novel reveals some of the situations any parent might encounter as their children grow up and have children of their own.

On the Outside Looking In: Amish Romance

by Etenia Hoffman

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Kenneth Garrity works as a stocker in a department store. On a regular basis, he sees the nearby Amish community coming through to get their supplies. He’s spent the early part of his twenties making bad choices and, for several of those years, he’s made it a point to talk to the Amish people whenever they came into the store. Especially one bright, attractive young woman named Eve. Every week, she comes in with her father, mother and some of her siblings.

Kenny is always there to help them find what they need. He forms a bond with them, beginning to trust them for the good, wise people they are.

Kenny’s made the decision to turn over a new leaf and he wants to do it by joining the Amish community. Unfortunately, his bad reputation reaches even the quiet solitude of the Amish. Can Eve trust that Kenny’s motives for joining the community are genuine?

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS bonus clean romance stories inside!

Universal Philosophy: (Parts 1 and 2) The 1970-1989 Philosophy (Book with Wings, volume)

by Aka spiritual messengers of God

“We are not great; we only carry the message of God. This is a philosophy of man and a philosophy of God.” (Spoken by Aka, spiritual messengers of God, June 9, 1970)

“Remember, we are here to prepare a way for the Messiah.” (August 24, 1970)

“But we say unto you, there are many roads that should lead unto our Father’s many mansions. Criticize no one else for choosing a different path. Bring forth the philosophy of thought unto this one. Share your thoughts, and the blessings thy seek shall come forth.” (April 10, 1974)

Universal Philosophy is available in Kindle (as one ebook). But it is printed in paperback (as two books, the 1970-1976 philosophy and the 1977 -1989 philosophy).

“Upon your earth many religions have come and gone. The true philosophy of the Lord has remained. Yet man should take from and add to, to fit his own needs. But we say unto you, our Father has many mansions. Our Father gave forth unto you the Ten Commandments. He asked but two things. Give back unto the Lord one tenth of the love the Lord has given unto you; give forth one tenth of that love unto your fellow man. And the fulfillment of all shall come in complete.” (Aka, September 10, 1974)

“Remember, with faith thy can now walk on the water, for the water is the spiritual philosophy of your God.” [See Acts 1:12-26, 2:1-39.] (Aka, August 13, 1971)

“You will say unto us, you have talked once again as in riddles. But we say unto you — for those who should hear, let them hear. For those who should see, let them see.
But we say unto you, we have come that nothing should be hidden. We have come forth to bring the light unto the Lord’s people, all of the people.

“Each man has chosen his way unto worship God. We are here not to destroy this, but to give unto you the philosophy, and in doing so, the preparation within yourselves.
For some shall hear our words. And others shall misinterpret our words. And so is the ways of men. But we say unto you, for those who should misinterpret, we are here to prepare the way. Are you? Can you prepare the way within yourself?

“For no one but our Father knows the exact day or moment. Therefore, we say unto you, be prepared at any moment that that he who should come should walk up unto you and you should extend your hand with love and knowledge and know of him.” (Aka, June 7, 1974)

In this book is collected the philosophy which the spiritual messengers of God, Aka, spoke through their instrument, A. Ray Elkins, from 1970 to 1989. Read this universal philosophy, just as it was spoken.

The philosophy is also available in two paperbacks, Universal Philosophy (Book 1 of 2) and Universal Philosophy (Book 2 of 2).

One way to enjoy the whole series is to see Universal Philosophy and the other three books (Angels Give a Glimpse through all Time, Angels “see our Needs” and Miscellaneous Questions and Ansers in BOOK with Wings. They are available as ebooks or in paperback.

May you be blessed.

Your Blood and the Red Sea (Chapter 3 Book 1)

by Ken Lewis P.E.

The Sea is his and he made it. Psalm 95.

And all the waters that were in the river were turned to blood. Exodus 7:20.

And the water which thou takest out of the river shall become blood upon the dry land. Exodus 4:9.

The Doctor’s Hope: A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Faith Crawford

A young bride who experienced a great tragedy, a doctor who wants a family, and dangerous times that threaten to thwart their happinessâ?¦

Emily lives a happy, peaceful life together with her parents and three younger sisters. But then tragedy strikes: their house burns down and Emily’s parents die.

The sisters soon become a burden to their family and money runs out. In a moment of despair, and out of options, Emily agrees to become a mail order bride for a doctor in the west.

Geoffrey has only one passion: being a doctor and helping people. Although he is content with his life, one thing is missing: a wife and a family to call his own. When his cousin offers to arrange a bride for him, he agrees.

The handsome, quiet doctor and his young, naive bride slowly get used to each other and start to care for each other.

But when Emily finds out that her sisters are in a dire situation, she has to make a decision that brings her in danger as well.

The doctor may be the only one to save her.

Will Emily and her doctor have their happy ending, and find the love and safe home they so deserve?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 72-page clean stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

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