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One Minute Workout – The Psychology Behind One Minute Workout, High Intensity Interval Training Using Body Weight, Exercise for Massive Gains and Fitness … Workout, Training, Fitness, Exercises)

by Mike Johnson

In this book, I will show you how to work out in the shortest time possible and still get the results you desire!

Did you know that you could do a highly effective workout in the time it takes you to update your Facebook post or grab a coffee at your nearby restaurant? If you have been using the time factor as an excuse for not working out, you have been deluding yourself. You don’t need 30-60 minutes to work out; all you need is a minute. YES, you read that right! A minute of exercise is all the time you need to stay fit and strong.
This book will prove to you that as long as you can spare a minute, you have more than enough time to work out and reap the full benefits.
Exercise is one of the most important things in life. The benefits of exercise are not something any sane human being can overlook. From prevention of cardiovascular problems to prevention of diabetes and most importantly, cancer, it is even hard to imagine how we sometimes manage to get through life without working out.
One reason why most of us fail to exercise is our lifestyles. Most of us have busy schedules. For those of us who lead busy lives, dedicating an hour of our day to exercise seems too much to ask. This is not inclusive of the time it takes to get to and from the gym. Because of this, most of us ignore working out altogether. If you can relate to this kind of lifestyle but would still love to work out, then this book is for you.

Garbage: How to Manage Your Home Wastes and Cut Down Your Bills: (Off Grid Living, Off Grid Homesteading)

by Prepper Sam

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How to Manage Your Home Wastes and Cut Down Your Bills

There are many in the modern world who are struggling to pay their bills. For those low on resources it often becomes a constant game of picking and choosing which bills they pay and which they can ignore. For some it means not buying groceries in order to pay the electric bill, or not paying for heating in order to have money for health insurance. For those who are suffering under these conditions, the most obvious solution may seem to simply make more money in the first place.

But if this is not possible for you, if you are living on a fixed income or simply not able to get a raise from your jobâ??then perhaps instead of figuring out how to make more money, maybe you could learn to spend less in the first place. And that my friends, is precisely what this book is all about. Even if you can’t land yourself a bigger paycheck, there are several unique tips and tricks that can help you cut back on your bills, cost of living, and manage your money in ways you never thought possible.

In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Lower your heating and electric bill
  • Make your Home More efficient
  • Employ Money Saving Maintenance
  • And much more!

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Hittin’ The Canvas: Pro-Wrestling Essays From A Fan Turned Journalist

by Matthew Harrak

Being a pro-wrestling fan is tough. Sometimes it’s awesome… other times it’s terrible… and most of the time it’s frustrating.

Matthew Harrak has experienced it all. From being a fan every Saturday for WWF Superstars and WCW Saturday Night to working behind-the-scenes at the leader of sports-entertainment to now as a reporter covering all things wrestling. “Hittin’ The Canvas” is a collection of essays from 2011-2018 that cover everything from WWE & Eric Bischoff to CM Punk & Daniel Bryan.

Follow along a brief journey thru the recent and sometimes tumultuous world of professional wrestling.

Körpersprache: Das Handbuch um Menschen zu lesen, verstehen und lenken (German Edition)

by Bastian Seifert

Jetzt statt 7,99�! Nur noch für kurze Zeit zum AKTIONSPREIS.

Du möchtest gerne Gedanken lesen können? Möchtest du die Körpersprache anderer Menschen lesen können? Du suchst nach einer Möglichkeit Menschen leichter zu verstehen? Du fragst dich, wie Körpersprache dir beim Lenken der Menschen helfen kann?

Du sprichst mit jemandem und du spürst, dass diese Person dich belügt. Oder das Lesen deiner engen Vertrauten fällt dir leichter, als das Lesen fremder Menschen. Du spürst bereits beim ersten Kontakt, ob Menschen dir sympathisch oder unsympathisch sind, aber woran liegt das? Ein steht fest – Die Kenntnis über die Körpersprache der Menschen hilft dir weiter!
Ob beruflich oder privat, es kann nie schaden die Menschen im eigenen Umfeld anhand ihrer Körpersprache zu verstehen. Erfolgreiche Menschen kennen das Geheimnis der Körpersprache! Sie wissen, wie verstehen die Körpersprache ihrer Mitmenschen zu lesen und sie können ihre eigene Körpersprache aktiv einsetzen um andere Menschen zu lenken. In diesem Buch erfährst du, wie auch du dir diese Fähigkeiten zu Nutze machen kannst!

Was wirst du lernen?

  • Du lernst was genau die Körpersprache ist.
  • Du lernst, warum die Körpersprache so wichtig ist.
  • Auf Basis der Körpersprache andere Menschen lesen und verstehen.
  • Die eigenen Menschenkenntnisse testen.
  • Die eigene Körpersprache überprüfen.
  • Und vieles mehr!

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The Inspiring Tale of Bruce Lee (Inspiring Tales)

by Tory Locker

This is a tale… sure to inspire,
of a boy from Asia… who just wouldn’t tire.

When it came to martial arts… he was the king,
and fans of his movies… millions he’d bring.

His name was Bruce Lee… and a legend he was,
wherever he went… there’d be a large buzz.

You’ll learn many things… from this man from Hong Kong,
so pay close attention… and follow along.

Diccionario Cientifico Tecnico Del Deporte y Las Ciencias Aplicadas: Conceptos, Definiciones y Términos Especializados (Entrenador Deportivo nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Armando Velàsquez

Es importante señalar que la actividad fìsica y deportiva, no es sòlo correr, saltar, lanzar, anotar goles o canastas, boxear, luchar y demàs; que quienes realizan y ejecutan estas actividades son los deportistas y el resto de la poblaciòn, y que como seres humanos conforman una unidad biopsicosocial; entonces hay que prestar mucha atenciòn a las Ciencias Aplicadas, ademàs de los aspectos especìficos de la preparaciòn.
Estos elementos me han motivado a elaborar este Diccionario, donde en 108 pàginas recopila màs de 590 tèrminoss especializados, en un esfuerzo para reunirlo en un solo libro y hacer màs fàcil la búsqueda, y ayudar a aclarar muchas dudas sobre la materia.

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