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The Rogue Duke: Scandalous Nobility

by Cassandra Michaels

Steamy Duke Historical Romance With A Surprise Bonus Inside

Sophia has always dreamt of a life of adventure, but living in a small town doesn’t provide you with much of that.

Since she was little, Sophia used to hide away in her father’s library and escape to exotic places that she believed could only exist between the pages of a book. When her father passed away, the library turned into her place to remember him and feel close to him.

Sophia’s mother has different ideas over what will make her daughter happy, though. She’s convinced that all it will take is the right man and the right wedding dress. So when some passing dukes visit town, Sophia’s mother makes it her priority to make sure they’re introduced.

Sophia isn’t impressed by her mother’s actions until she meets Edward. Edward is a dazzling duke with a dubious history and an offer that could change Sophia’s life forever.

The Duke’s Runaway Bride: Historical Romance

by Cassandra Michaels

Heart-Warming Duke Historical Romance With No Cliffhanger & A Happily Ever After Ending….

**Some Bonus Stories May Contain Explicit Scenes**

Young Jane lives a boring life. She is married to a rich duke, but love is a foreign concept in their marriage. She married him because her father wanted her to, not because she loved him. Now, years later, she spends her days alone in their mansion.

Her husband is too busy with important things, and only pays her any attention when he can show her off to other people in his realm.

Suddenly, a smuggler is arrested, and locked away in the city’s prison. Jane’s husband is thrilled with the arrest, but Jane becomes enthralled with the man.

This man is different, exciting, and fearless. He has lived the life that Jane has longed for, and he treats her like a woman should be treated.

With a trial on the horizon, and illness in the house, will Jane be able to pull through? Can she rise to the challenges that come her way? Or is she really only good for show and tell?

Warrior of the Highland

by Cassandra Michaels

** Steamy Highlander Romance that leaves little to the imagination – for mature audiences only! Contains 18 FREE Bonus Stories!!**

Abi’s father is the leader of their clan, and one day she will take over from him….That is, if the clan survives the impending battle, which will determine once and for all who gets to rule the great Scottish Highlands.

However, Abi and her father know that they have no chance of winning without uniting with another clan. When her father decides to marry her off to make it happen quicker, she has something to say.

Abi doesn’t believe that her clan’s freedom should be born from her enslavement and she’s not willing to accept that it’s the only option.

When an elderly woman comes to her one night with a legend about a broken warrior who can bring any clan to victory she sets out on a quest to find him. Can she prove that she can be the leader she is destined to be, or will she end up marrying a man she doesn’t love for the sake of her people?

Spanish: Short story for intermediate-advanced students: La cruz de Penélope (Spanish short stories, improve your vocabulary & reading skills) (Spanish Edition)

by Lara Talens

Are you looking for a fun book to brush on your Spanish? If so, this is the right book for you.
I don’t know if you agree with me, but I find most of “short stories for Spanish learners” so boring. Like literally, the worst. I think it is because they try to adapt the plot stories to specific grammatical points. Plus, a lot of people guarantee that they have THE magical method for language learning, that there is this PhD research from some random university that backs it up andâ?¦blablabla. Let those people enjoy their PhDs and let’s get down to business.

I believe that immersion is the only way to learn languages properly. I originally wrote this book for native Spanish speakers. It is 100% written in the real language that we, native speakers use. But I have adapted the story for you guys, to help you through the reading process. I added footnotes that explain vocabulary words and cultural references (so that you understand our jokes). I also use quite a bit of slang in my books, (slang from Spain because I am a Spaniard). Last, but not least, this book is not for beginners, you need some fluency to read my short stories. So if so far you are interested, here is the summary:


Evan es un joven médico que acaba de acabar la carrera. La vida parece seguir su curso normal cuando un día, de la nada, aparece Penélope en su consulta, una paciente de la que se enamora. Pero a diferencia de la Penélope de Homero, esta Penélope es una viajera, lo cual hará que se inviertan los roles. ¿Qué pasará al final entre estos dos tortolitos? Pues descargaros el libro si queréis saber más acerca de esta montaña rusa sentimental.

Lara Talens es la hija del escritor Manuel Talens. Próximamente publicará otros cuentos cortos en español.�Si quieres conocer todas sus obras publicadas en formato Kindle, sólo tienes que escribir su nombre en el buscador de Amazon. �También puedes seguir sus novedades a través de Facebook.

The Duke’s Pregnant Maid

by Cassandra Michaels

Warning: Contains HOT Historical Regency Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a limited time!

Jessica has a secret that nobody can find out about, especially her mistress, Lady Beamount.

Lady Beamount is known to be shallow and short tempered and Jessica knows that if she ever finds out about her secret, then she will lose her job before she even gets a chance to explain.

Jessica’s job is everything to her, but when a handsome Duke’s life is put into jeopardy, she faces a hard choice. She can deceive Lady Beamount, or she can keep her job and her secret, which she had fought so hard to get.

Ruined Forever

by D. L. Carter

Mr. Collins is rightly angered when Elizabeth Bennett refuses his honorable offer of marriage.
Sadly that is the last emotion he experiences.
Which gives the gossips of Meryton a delightful piece of news to gossip over – Miss Elizabeth Bennett has pushed her cousin, her father’s heir, down the stairs to his death!
Elizabeth Bennett, Murderess? Oh, shocking, shameful scandal. Someone must speak for her before she is ruined forever.
Fortunately, a new arrival in the neighborhood – a Mr. Darcy – read law at Cambridge and is willing to be of use to Miss Elizabeth.

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