Free horror Kindle books for 18 Feb 18

The Deadly Gems

by Lady Eldelaide Crawson-Barrett

Do you like puzzles? Then join Lady Eldelaide Crawson-Barrett as she struggles to solve the riddle-riddled notes sent to her by the Noteworthy Adversary, whose diabolical word games are played for the highest stakes of all – life and death. Can she conquer the conundrums before it’s too late? Can you?


by Billy Wells

Mount Hope Sheriff, Omar Dunkin, has a big problem in his small town. The heads of two deceased clients of Angus Scumm’s Funeral Parlor were pulverized in their caskets during the wee hours by an unknown perpetrator. The victims of the desecrations were upstanding citizens in the community with no known enemies. Dunkin knows everyone in the small town personally and can think of no one who would commit such a heinous, mean-spirited crime for no reason.

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