Free humour Kindle books for 18 Feb 18

Fragged 3 (Fragged (A LitRPG Short Story Series))

by Zachariah Dracoulis

Dinos. Violence. More use of the dreaded ‘F’ word than possibly necessary.

Here we go again…

This third issue in the Fragged series sees Zoey’s Fighters land under the scrutiny of a law that many a gamer has found themselves stuck with, Murphy’s Law that is.

Sure, they’ve seen their fair share of bad luck; getting trapped out after dark, attacked by an angry t-rex, etcetera, etcetera. However, those types of things pale in comparison to what lays in wait for them as things don’t necessarily go FUBAR, but certainly become so Charlie Foxtroted that they’ll be begging for things to go back to the nice and simple ‘bad’ classification.

An issue in the LitRPG story that looks at the process of leadership, sucks air through its teeth, shakes its head, and says “Yeah, nah, screw that.”


by Jack Hodges

What more needs to be said?

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