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Thin Black Road

by Julie C. Gilbert

There’s a thin black road
I have traveled many times.
It leads to peace
In so many ways.
It’s kind of hard to describe
For the road’s oft unclear.
It unfolds to me
Like a lovely gift
One word at a time.
Then, music fills in the gaps,
Making worries fade away,
As unexplainable peace pours in.
There’s a thin black road
It leads me to peace.
When good or ill tidings come
To threaten my equilibrium,
I will travel that road
And return to peaceful calm.

Interview with the Author:
Q: What exactly is Thin Black Road?
A: This is a collection of very short Christian inspirational poems. I wrote it mainly while in college while I was driving back and forth to home on weekends. They started out as songs.

Q: Why should a reader check out this book?
A: There are a lot of simple truths in here. Whether you’re in need of a little encouragement or just want a thought of the day, this is probably a good fit for you. If poetry’s not really your thing, this book might still work for you. I have very little patience for long poetry, so all you’re going to get in here are short and to-the-point sorts.

Q: I heard a rumor you give away paperback copies? (What if I can’t afford this book?)
A: True. Get in touch with me. My email’s not hard to find if you do a bit of digging. You can also do this through my website. I try to get paperback copies of this book into as many hands as possible through Createspace. Church or individual, doesn’t matter to me. If you’ve a will to read it, I will try to accommodate. Please note, this is subject to availability and feasibility.

Q: Do you write other stuff?
A: Sure. I write science fiction, mystery, and fantasy stories as well.

From: 7 To: 14: Poems for My Heart

by iii X

Poems That My Soul Speak to My Heart constantly. Just a few things that speak of Love in some of the ways She opens My Minds. HKHQ

Lost.: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

by Cristina Filomena

To those who have loved, to those who have lost.

We all grieve in our own way; there is no right or wrong.

Everything I have written about in these pages is from my past.

These people, these ideas, have shaped who I am, and despite most of them leaving holes in my heart, I am stronger because of them.

This is my before, my denial, my faith, my acceptance, and it is not balanced; this is my own journey, one drenched with pain, one that won’t be easy to carry out with me.

But these words are for you, to remind you that you never suffer alone, and that there is always beauty on the other side of the battlefield.

Oceano em Chamas (Portuguese Edition)

by Álvaro Elesbão

Livro de poemas extraídos de vivências. A dor do coração que afeta a alma.

Life Bites Shorts… Stories

by Adam Gill

Chapter 5 from “Life Bites” – a collection of adaptations and stories with darker and lighter themes…

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